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Marinas and Foreshore

RVYC Arial 2015

Aerial view of the Cadboro Bay Foreshore

Marinas – RVYC members can moor their yachts at one of the Club’s two marinas; one at the Cadboro Bay site and the other at Tsehum Haven in Tsehum Harbour near the Swartz Bay Ferry terminal.

Moorage – Our marinas provide moorage for members’ boats between 17 and 58 feet. In Cadboro Bay there are 256 slips available, while at Tsehum Haven there are 63 slips as well as 22 privately-owned boat houses.  Facilities are available at Cadboro Bay where members can also keep their boats out of the water. Please contact the Club Administration for moorage rates. 

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The Club has facilities to enable members to work on their boats. Some of these are: 

Marine Ways – This refers to a marine railway system that is used to haul members’ boats up to 50 feet in length. Two power washers are available for rent, as well as an elliptical-orbit power-buffer to keep the hull waxed and shiny. This facility has been fitted with a system to capture and dispose of all bottom paint waste. Please contact the Foreshore Office for rates. 

Cranes and Cradles – At Cadboro Bay, there are two cranes; one capable of lifting boats up to 10,000 lbs and one up to 2,000 lbs. There also small cranes on our Mini-12 dock where members at no charge can lift Mini-12 and 2.4 Meter class boats in and out of their cradles. Please contact the Foreshore Office for rates. 

Members Workshops – at both Cadboro Bay and Tsehum Haven, the club maintains workshops for the use of members. A full complement of hand and power tools are available, including table saws, chop saws, a drill press, a bench grinder, band saws, a bench sander, and many other tools.

Foreshore Lockers – At Cadboro Bay there are a number of large and small lockers available for rent to members for storage of such things as tools and boat supplies.

Other Services - As a convenience to members, as well as to our guests from 'reciprocal yacht clubs', the club has laundry and recycling facilities at Cadboro Bay, as well as ice (for sale), shower and washrooms at both Cadboro Bay and Tsehum Haven. Tsehum Haven marina also has a visitors dock for the use of members travelling north. Both Cadboro Bay and Tsehum marinas have been designated as entry points by Canada Customs and Border Services, allowing members and guests the convenience of checking into Canadian waters.