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Joining the Royal Victoria Yacht Club

It is a wonderful time to join the Royal Victoria Yacht Club as we have lowered our entrance fees and created a new Membership category! We’ve put together a list of the reduced fees for your reference, corresponding to your age, which can be viewed by clicking here.


To download a Membership Application form click here.

To download a Membership Information Package click here.

To download a Dues & Moorage rate sheet, click here.

Kayak and Paddleboard storage is currently $10.30 plus tax, per month


Clubs are communities where people with common interests join together to pool their energy and resources so they can create facilities and organize activities with like-minded individuals.  In doing so, they find that the facilities and activities are not the ultimate benefit, but rather a structure which helps them achieve it.  That is a life better lived because the members share what they enjoy with friends.

If you are considering joining the club, please read the following information to help with your decision making process. 

Benefits of Being a Member

When you think of a yacht club you may have an image of starched white shirts, blue blazers and multi-million dollar sailing yachts.  Think again.  The Royal Victoria Yacht Club is for people from all walks of life and all ages who enjoy the water.  Whether it is going out in a sailing dinghy, fishing boat, kayak, power boat, paddle board, cruising sailboat, or, yes, even a million dollar yacht,  RVYC will provide facilities, camaraderie and activities to make what you enjoy better.  Much better. 


Perhaps you know about our beautiful clubhouse on the shore of Cadboro Bay (and perhaps not).  But do you know about the workshop, cranes, kayak & paddle board storage, outstations, club boats and bicycles?  Read More About Facilities

Group Activities

As mentioned, a key purpose of the club is to provide activities to get people involved and together.  These are activities based on enjoying the water, such as racing, cruising, fishing and kayaking as well as enjoying the Clubhouse with many exciting social events.  There are also special interest activities such as biking, yoga and knitting.  Read More About Group Activities.

Social Events

If you would like to put some more events in your social calendar then consider adding events like Opening Day, New Years Eve, Halloween, Sea of Lights, Commodores Ball, Movie Nights, Beer Tasting Nights and we can't forget the Son of Floyd Night (think pink). Read More About Social Events.

Club Services 

At RVYC we also offer plenty of fun educational opportunities. There is the opportunity to learn, with sailing lessons and educational seminars;  to help make Victoria a better place, by volunteering your time for one of the activities that the club sponsors; or to contribute to the club by actively participating in management committees.  Read More About Learning to Sail.

Types of Membership

RVYC has different categories of memberships. The intent is to make the club affordable and accessible to all.   Read More About Types of Membership

How to Become a Member

There are a few steps to becoming a member, and we can help you out every step of the way. Read More About How to Become a Member.