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2018 Board of Directors 


Flag Officers
Commodore Randy Diamond 
Vice Commodore Roger Hind 
Rear Commodore Connie Morahan 
Immediate Past Commodore Gordon Wilkinson 
Honorary Commodore Bill Conconi
Board of Directors
Chair Gord Macatee
Director David Motherwell
Director Tessa Graham
Director Kirk Palmer
Secretary Bill Ehmann 
Treasurer John Powell 


2018 Program Committee Chairs 

Communications Jenn Potter
Cruising Jeff Kibble
Curatorial David Scott
Entertainment Luke Acker & Sue Morin
Foreshore/Moorage Dave Vogelaar
Membership Caroline Ehmann
Opening Day Roger Hind
Outstations Russ Cozens
Racing AJ Hesford
Racing Funds Gus Whitmore
Sail Training & Youth Programs Doug Bell
Swiftsure Vern Burkhardt



Royal Victoria Yacht Club Staff 


General Manager Simon Gatrell


ext. 102

Finance Officer 


ext. 103

Club Administrator Michelle Glenn  250-592-2441
Membership, Marketing & Communications Coordinator Rachel von Hahn


ext. 115

Foreshore Lead Hand - Cadboro Bay Peter Clark 250-592-3433
Foreshore Crew Dave Robinson
Foreshore Crew Wallace Santos
Foreshore Crew Peter Bates
Foreshore Lead Hand - Tsehum Troy Thompson
Events Coordinator
Sharon Taekema


ext. 113

Floor Supervisor
Alejandro Lagos


ext. 104

Sailing Program Coordinator Steve McBride 250-592-6113
Executive Chef Andrew Dickinson


ext. 108

Sous Chef & Kitchen Staff Darren Greaves