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Great War Commemoration Project

RVYC WW 1 Roll of Honour

WW 1 H Roll

The RVYC WW I Honour Roll was prepared by Ben Temple in 1918 to commemorate the 81 members who served in the 1914-18 war. Over the next four years we are planning to memorialize these men by learning more about them and their families using photos, newspaper articles, letters, diaries and documents. Depending on the amount of information available we will prepare biographies which can be added to our archives records, published in the Mainsheet and put on the YC website. We know there are people missing from the original honour roll, and there are members who served but joined RVYC after 1919.

We need your help. If you have any information that would help us tell the stories of members who served please contact

pdfMembers who served in WWI

The Roll of Honour and selected biographies and related documents are displayed in the "fireplace corner" of the Main Lounge.

WW I corner

The biographies and related documents are displayed in the "fireplace corner" of the Main Lounge in framed panels. The information was obtained from numerous sources; a list can be obtained from the Curatorial Committee Archivist. Where information was obtained from a book or private documents the source is listed in footnotes for each biography.

So far biographies have been prepared for:

pdfLt. Alexander E. Evans

pdf2nd Lt. Geoffrey Walter Ashdown Green

pdfCapt. F. Norman Payne

pdfRev. William Barton

pdfCapt. Norman Rant

pdfLt. Col Percy Byng Hall

pdfLt. John Harper

pdfMajor William H. Langley

pdfMajor D'Oyly T. Rochfort

pdfCapt. Arthur Douglas Crease

pdfLieutenant Edward Percy "Ned" Ashe

pdfNicholas Poyntz Blandy

pdfFrancis John Barrow

pdfArthur Lane

pdfJoseph Charles Bridgman

pdfCapt.John Alexander M. Hinton

pdfWilliam (Bill) D'Oyly Hamilton Rochfort

pdfLt. William M. Hotham

pdfGeorge H. S. Edwardes

pdfGerald A. Grove

pdfDavid C. Fulton

pdfHerbert O. Mock

pdfFrederick Gray Aldous

pdfFrancis Arthur (Fanny) Robertson 

pdfHenry King Robinson 

pdfA. E. Christie

pdfRupert Von Cabeen Bessonette

pdfThomas Leslie Longhurst

pdfCharles Henry Reynard Slingsby

pdfAugustus Henry Aldridge

pdfGeorge Rufus Henshall

pdfJR Boydell

pdfLewis Leonard Spalding Higgs

pdfFrank Millard Ohrt

pdfArthur John O'Reilly

pdfJohn Arthur Leslie Caesar

pdfThomas Cecil

pdfR.L. Baugh-Allen

pdfWilliam Hartley Patterson

pdfDouglas James

pdfCecil Anderson Boyd

pdfGeoffrey Arnold Heal

pdfCharles Harold Chaytor Payne

pdfClaude Brittain Fitzhenry

pdfAlan Blackburn

pdfLouis Etienne Noyer

pdfArthur Ashdown Green

pdfHenry Camville Layard

pdfLouis Adrian Knox

pdfCharles Dawes Steedman

pdfThomas Hubert Harker

pdfGeorge Alan Kirk

pdfEdwin Godfrey Phipps Baker

pdfEdward Bruce Irving

pdfArthur Copeland Sydney Pitts

pdf D’Arcy Britton Plunkett

pdfLionel Arthur Austen-Leigh

pdfHenry Newell Birch

pdfMerlin Gordon Lubbock

pdfPhilip Oldham


Royal Victoria Yacht Club in the Great War

"A Century of Sailing" by the late Terry Reksten was published in 1992 for the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Royal Victoria Yacht Club. In these excerpts from the book, members who served in WW 1 are featured. Also noted is the effect the war was having on the yacht club activities.

Biographies for many of these members will be placed on this website over the next few months as research is completed by the Curatorial Committee.



Signal flags on the Roll of Honour

Signal flags

The Roll of Honour created by Ben Temple in 1919 includes a drawing of the signal flags that are translated as "England expects that ever man will do his duty". This was a signal sent by Vice Admiral of the Royal Navy, Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson, from his flagship HMS Victory as the Battle of Trafalgar was about to commence on 21 October 1805. 

The Great War from the RVYC Archives

The following are articles from various sources in the YC archives collection. These sources include the vertical (or clipping) file, “A Century of Sailing”, minutes of the Executive Committee and correspondence files.

January 1916

It was reported in the January 1916 issue of “Pacific Motor Boat” magazine that John Arbuthnot had presented to Lady McBride his yacht “Tannis” to be sold to raise money for the Red Cross. Here is an excerpt from “A Century of Sailing”, p. 86:

Of the contributions made by individual members, the most public was John Arbuthnot's decision to donate the Tannis to a patriotic cause. Built in 1907 at a cost of $15,000, the Tannis was fifty feet long and recognized as being a "staunch sea-boat," one of the "most commodious and speedy plea­sure yachts on the coast." At the outbreak of war, amid rumours that German warships were lurking in west coast waters, Arbuthnot had offered the Tannis to the Navy. For a year she was used as a patrol boat, protect­ing the waters off the entrance to Esquimalt harbour. When she was returned to him in the summer of 1915, Arbuthnot turned her over to the premier's wife, who agreed to use her to raise money for a patriotic cause. Lady McBride and the Red Cross hit upon the idea of holding a raffle. Tickets would be sold for a dollar, and, given that the Tannis was so well known along the coast and around the Sound, the raffle was expected to raise at least $10,000. "I am sure that everyone in Victoria will be pleased to hear of this truly magnificent contribution to the Red Cross fund," Lady McBride noted encouragingly. "I am confident that we shall secure a very handsome amount from the proceeds of the sale." But after a campaign that lasted more than five months, only half the tickets had been sold and the Tannis raised a mere $5,114. However, Arbuthnot's generosity did have the effect of prompting similar actions in others, including the Rithets who donated their almost new electric car and Fitzherbert Bullen who offered his palatial motor yacht I'll Away as prizes in similar raffles.tannis

Former commodore John Arbuthnot raised money for the cause by donating his boat Tannis as a prize in a lottery. [Rochfort coll]

letters to the editormotor boat patrol

daily colonist jan 28 1916Daily Colonist 28 Jan. 1916

February 1916

15feb1916Christie DSO

Daily Colonist 15 Feb.1916

8 feb 1916 Crease

Daily Colonist 8 Feb. 1916

March 1916

DC24Mar1916Maj. Drake

Daily Colonist 24 March 1916

DC9Mar1916 Rithet

Daily Colonist 9 March 1916

April 1916

Col 9Apr1916Barton

Daily Colonist 9 April 1916

frostbite news

Daily Colonist 16 April 1916

May 1916

Col 5may1916

Daily Colonist 5 May 1916 - J.J. Shallcross and G.A. Kirk were RVYC members

June 1916

Col 25 June 1916 1

Col 25 June 1916 2

Col 25 June 1916 3

July 1916

July Curatorial Page 1

July Curatorial Page 2

Daily Colonist 2 July 1916

Daily Colonist 17 September 1916

Col 17 Sept 1916

Daily Colonist 1 February 1917


Mr. T. Beauchamp Tye, a native son, and one of Victoria's prominent business men, has joined the Inland Water Transport of the Royal Engineers, and will leave here with the draft tomorrow night for England. Mr. Tye has been with the Hickman Tye Hardware Company for the past twenty-one years, and he is giving up his position as secretary in that concern to offer his services to his country. 

Mr. Tye is another one of the many loyal citizens of Victoria who feels that it is his duty to give his services where they will be of the most value. The Inland Water Transport has opened up an opportunity for many to serve who were not adapted to military service for one reason or another, but sinoe Sergt. W. H. Fry opened his recruiting office for this unit he has been besieged by a great number of Victoria's most prominent citizens who were anxious to do their part. 

If it will serve as an example to influence some of the younger men of the city to join up, it may be mentioned that Mr. Tye is a married man with a family of four, and the fact that he is giving up a good business position should also have its due effect in moving some of those who have much less responsibility to do their bit. 

Mr. Tye has had many years' experience with gasoline engines, having operated a boat of his own here. He is a member of the Royal Victoria Yacht Club and the Victoria Golf Club. He is very well known in the world of sport, taking a keen Interest In all that pertains to out-door life. In cricket and football his attainments as a crack player are well known. Mr. Tye has a host of friends in Victoria who will be sorry to see him leave the city, and he carries with him the best wishes of all for a safe return. 

June 1917

An article in the 24 June 1917 Daily Colonist illustrates the generosity of club member W. Fitzherbert  Bullen. Bullen was a local shipbuilder (BC Marine Railway Co.) and club member from 1896 to 1917.  “I’ll Away” was a 37 ft. yacht built with no regard to cost.

The caption for the photo of “I’ll Away” reads:

The drawing for this palatial yacht, the “I’ll Away”, donated by Mr. And Mrs. Fitzherbert Bullen, will take place during the performance of “The Caliph of Baghdad” at the Royal Victoria Theatre on Thursday evening July 5. The vessel has been valued at $4000. A cash offer was made for it of $2,700. Tickets are selling rapidly and those anxious to take a chance and help along the work of the Red Cross are urged to purchase their tickets before they are all gone.(The complete article is at http://archive.org/stream/dailycolonist59y169uvic#page/n9/mode/1up )

On 6 July 1917 it was reported that Mr. Ian Alcock, First Officer of the government steamer “Gabriola” had won the raffle for the “I’ll Away”.  The raffle raised $6800 for the Red Cross.