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What is a Mini 12?

The Illusion class Mini 12 was designed in England in the early 80's. They are a scaled down version of the beautiful 12 Metre yachts used for many decades in the Americas Cup Challenges. The overall length of a Mini 12 is 12 feet with 250 pounds of ballast. You may get splashed but will not capsize. Sailors sit inside the hull and steer with their feet leaving hands free for sailhandling. 

The largest fleets of Illusions are in Victoria and Bembridge, Isle of Wight. Royal Victoria Yacht Club has 9 rental and 6 privately owned Illusions. 

Illusions are identified in the Victoria fleet by sail numbers starting with KC. In Victoria, the Illusion fleet sails with main and jib, in Bembridge they use spinnakers.

RVYC also has 11 privately owned Deceptions, which were designed and built here in Victoria. Deceptions are identified with sail numbers starting with CAN. Deceptions use spinnakers. Seattle Yacht Club has 24 Deceptions and there are two in Japan. 

The Mini 12 Fleet races September to May, on most Saturdays except for a break around Christmas. In Spring and Summer, some members daysail, practice or race informally. 

Fleet members take turns handling Race Committee and safety. We endeavor to have a Host boat at the starting area for warm-up and comfort facilities.

Who Sails Mini 12's?

We are a predominately senior group of 30 men and women sailors whom compete equally, and in addition to the 30+ sailors, we have 20+ social members and spouses. Many have a long history of sailing, both big boats and Mini 12s. Some have been very competitive and others are new to the sport. Some of us own larger sail or power boats; several have cruised or raced in many parts of the world. 

In addition to our sailing activities, we are very active socially with events at the club and other locations. Our fleet is the largest, and most active social group in the club. 

We welcome all ages and level of sailing ability. We believe the best way to learn sail and boat handling is racing in friendly company. 

What Does it Cost to Join the Mini 12's?

Our fleet of 9 club owned Illusions are rented to members at an annual cost of $300 for a half share use, including moorage. Renters are expected to help with maintenance if needed. 

Owners of private boats, some shared, are responsible for moorage cost and all maintenance and upgrades. 

Social membership to the Mini 12 Fleet costs $25.00 per couple

Please feel free to contact the Co-Fleet Captains or other Executive for further information. We offer introduction to the club and the boats with prior notice.