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Wednesday 28 August 2019
Wednesday 28 August 2019

17:00  Floyd Night  ::  Wednesday Night Racing

floyd night


Race Instructions - for a printable version, click here

1. All Skippers and all crew should assemble at their boats by 5:30 pm (1730h)

2. At 17:45 all skippers should assemble at the bottom of the main dock ramp.

3. Skippers of boats with 4 or fewer crew should record the name of their boat and their slip number on the provided (chit) piece of paper and place it in the appropriate box.

4. Skippers of boats with 4 or more crew should likewise record their boat name and slip number on a chit and place it in the other box.

5. Boats that are dry-sailed or moored should indicate the precise location of their boat on the dock.

6. At 18:00, after a thorough stirring, skippers will be invited to remove a chit, which must not be the one that they wrote, go back to their boat and instruct their crew to proceed immediately to the boat and slip recorded on the retrieved chit. Skippers stay with their own boat

7. As soon as the new crew arrives at the designated boat that boat may leave its slip and start the race.

8. The marks and the order in which to round them will be displayed at the location of the Skippers Meeting.

9. The start for each boat will be when that boat leaves the dock.

10. All boats must have 2 sails up and the motor off before crossing a line between Discovery Isle (V-Dock) and the White Can in the middle of the bay.

11. The Finish will be when a boat crosses the line formed by the two range markers, one on the piling at the outer end of C-Dock and one on the Breakwater (wite/red striped poles with orange high visibility sleeves on the bottom 1/3rd).

12. Boats should record their finish time, along with the name of the boat ahead and the boat behind.

13. All boats must have their sails down and secured before being left; first complete crew to the tented area on C Dock gets a free jug of beer.

14. Once finished and docked, all participants are invited to assemble at the tented area for a BYO barbeque and bottle party.