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Understanding Membership

Membership Types

The structure of club memberships is designed to make it easy and affordable to become and stay a member. The structure is graduated, which recognizes that on average young families face greater financial obstacles for joining clubs than older people who have more disposable income. As such the entrance fee increases with age and there are options with monthly dues to keep the cost down. To facilitate this graduated structure there are a number of categories of membership, of which the relevant ones for a new member are outlined in the following table.

Membership Category

Access to all club privileges

Voting Privileges



Age 8-18



Small Boats on Floats





Small Boats on Floats

Full Member










 **There are some limitations to these categories. For more information, please contact the Membership Coordinator at 250-592-2441 ext 115











Note that a membership, regardless of type, includes both partners in a spousal relationship. Both have equal access to all club privileges although they only have one vote at club meetings. Children of full members, under the age of 19, will be granted junior membership status under their parent's account.

Membership Fees

There are two main components to the cost of being a member; the Entrance Fee which is a onetime charge, and the Annual Membership Dues which are typically paid on a monthly basis. The following tables outline these charges:

Entrance Fees

Entrance fees are dependent on age and category of membership. Please refer to the below table for all entrance fees


Membership Category Age Fee ($Incl. GST)
Member 45 and over $3,748.50
Member 40-44 incl. $2,677.50
Member 35-39 incl. $1,606.50
Member 30-34 incl. $1,071.00
Member 25-29 incl. $803.25
Member 19-24 incl. $535.50
Affiliate 75 and over $535.50
Affiliate 70-74 incl. $535.50
Affiliate 40-69 incl. $535.50
Affiliate 35-39 incl. $428.40
Affiliate 30-34 incl. $428.40
Affiliate 25-29 incl. $321.30
Affiliate 19-24 incl. $214.20
Junior 8-18 incl. $107.10

Half of the Entrance fees are due upon application and the other half can be paid in full at the time of joining, or spread over 60 equal monthly payments.

Annual Membership Dues

Annual membership dues are a function of type of membership. Dues are typically paid on a monthly basis.


Category Annual Dues Monthly Dues
Member (age 40 and over) $1,134.29 $94.52
Member (age 35-39) $850.72 $70.89
Member (age 30-34) $567.15 $47.26
Member (age 25-29) $453.72 $37.81
Member (age 19-24) $283.57 $23.63
Affiliate (age 75 and over) $283.57 $23.63
Affiliate (age 70-74) $567.15 $47.26
Affiliate (age 40-69) $850.72 $70.89
Affiliate (age 35-39) $567.15 $47.26
Affiliate (age 30-34) $453.72 $37.81
Affiliate (age 25-29) $340.29 $28.36
Affiliate (age 19-24) $226.86 $18.90
Junior $192.83 $16.07

Temporary Memberships

A Temporary Membership is available to those who would like to join, but do not know anyone in the club and cannot find two sponsors (see The Process for Joining the RVYC below). The membership is valid for up to one year during which the monthly fees are payable according to the membership category into which the person intends to join. Temporary Members can apply to become full members at anytime during the year at which point their Entrance Fee is payable according to the membership category. Likewise, they can terminate at any time.

The Process for Joining the RVYC

The standard process for joining the RVYC works as follows:

1. Typically a new member is sponsored into the club by acquaintances within the club. A primary and a secondary sponsor are identified on the application form who state how long they have known you and why you would be a good addition to the club. If you do not know any members of the club then you can become a temporary member for up to one year.

2. You complete and submit the application form. A copy of the form is available here.

3. Your membership application is posted for member review (personal information is removed), your name is placed on an interview list and a date is scheduled for the interview. Interviews are typically held on a monthly basis.

4.Your interview is conducted in person at the Club by members of the Membership Committee.

5. When approved by the Membership Committee, your application proceeds to the Club Executive for approval.

6. If approved by the Club Executive, and if the current membership is below the allowed limit set for members you are welcomed into the club. If the current membership is equal or over the allowed limit then your name is placed on the wait list.

7. If your name has been placed on the wait list you will be notified when your name comes to the top of the list and you are welcomed into the club.