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Membership Frequently Asked Questions


1.Does the monthly membership charge cover usage of all the facilities provide by the club?

No. Certain facilities are charged for. For example, hauling boats on the ways or usage of the cranes, moorage and dry storage and the use of the club sailboats. Generally the club charges less for these facilities than local commercial entities.


2. Whose age is used to determine fees in a spousal relationship?

With a joint membership the age of the primary applicant is used to calculate the entrance fee.


 3What if I don’t know anyone in the club, how do I get sponsors?

The Temporary Membership helps you with this issue. If you do not know anyone in the club then you can take a Temporary Membership which gives a year to get to know some members.


 4. Can I use my credit card to pay my Entrance Fee and Membership Dues?

A credit card can be used for the Entrance Fee but not the Membership Dues.


 5. What happens to the Entrance Fee if my name is placed on a waitlist?

Entrance Fees are kept by RVYC in trust while you are on the waitlist. You can ask and find out if there is a waitlist and how long it is before you submit your application.



 6. If I have a Temporary Membership when do I pay the Entrance Fee?

You pay the Entrance Fee when you become a Member. Temporary Memberships are only available for up to a maximum of one year.