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January 2019

Cruising Planning Meeting  ::  Cruising & Dinners

Cruising Planning Meeting

January 24, 7:00pm - 9:00pm 

Would you like to be involved in planning new cruising adventures for RVYC in 2019? Or do you want to know more about the Club's Cruising Program? If so, please join us in the Main Lounge on January 24 from 7-9pm to learn more and share your ideas.

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Robbie Burns Night  ::  Cruising & Dinners

Robbie Burns Night

Saturday, January 26, 2019 at 5:30pm

$50 inclusive per person.

 Robbie Burns Night 2019

February 2019

Cruising Dinner  ::  Cruising & Dinners

RVYC’s First Spring Cruising Dinner

Thursday, February 28, 2019 

Cruising on Two Wheels from Bangkok to Saigon 

How would you celebrate your 40th anniversary? Perhaps a ruby ring? Or the gift of a two-week cycling trip from Bangkok to Saigon? Well, for better or worse - the oldyweds Don & Joan Thain joined forces with fellow members Don Jonsson and Sue Leuchter to do just that last spring. You’ll discover the joys of night bicycling in Bangkok where crazy traffic whizzes about and— for obvious reasons—NOBODY bicycles.  

Cambodia had many fascinating places to reconnoitre on two wheels including a jungle ride to the temple featured in Laura Croft's Tomb Raider. In Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, we stayed with a family and helped prepare spring rolls and share in a cooking class. We had a 100% survival rate despite the threats of malaria, dengue fever and crocodiles. Yes, you too can find out if this type of adventure is for you and your mate!

Feb 28 dinner

Don Jonssen, Sue Leuchter, Don and Joan Thain by a Buddhist temple.

No host cocktails 17:30  |  Dinner 18:30  |  Presentation 19:30

Members & guests: $30 pp - includes dinner, dessert and coffee, gratuities and taxes.

Register below or call the office at 250-592-2441.

Registration is now full! If you would like to be added to the waitlist, please e-mail  .

March 2019

Cruising "Boozing" Dinner  ::  Cruising & Dinners

RVYC’s Cruising “Boozing” Dinner

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Historian Rick James Presents the Real Story of West Coast Rum Running   

It was the radio operator, Fraser “Sparky” Miles, aboard the “distributor boat” Ryou II, who pointed out that rum runners as a group made the Sphinx sound like a chatterbox. “It allowed the business to flourish in obscurity at the time, but left an impossible job for later historians trying to research Pacific Coast rum running, especially as the active participants didn’t write anything down either,” he said.

The thousands who were involved in our West Coast booze trade all kept their mouths well shut long after U.S. Prohibition was over and done with in December 1933. Still, thankfully, a handful stepped forward much later in life to tell their tales, going into some detail in explaining how the whole operation ran.

With PowerPoint photos from his latest book, Don’t Never Tell Nobody Nothin’ Nohow: The Real Story of West Coast Rum Running, historian Rick James will explain what really went down in BC during these years by bringing together information gathered from newspapers, magazines, archival records, oral-history recordings and accounts of all those who did finally write it all down. Indeed, Rick’s research came across a 1924 newspaper account where a local reporter described the waters of Haro Strait as filled with “Oases of Scotch in Desert of Sea.”


Photo by Patrick Lawson.

Rick’s informative and entertaining book will be for sale before and after dinner.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

No host cocktails 17:30; Dinner 18:30; Presentation 19:30

Members & guests: $30 pp—includes dinner, dessert and coffee, gratuities and taxes.

Register below (must be logged in) or call the office at 250-592-2441. A 24-hour cancellation notice is required or your account will be charged.

April 2019

Easter Cruise: Roche Harbour  ::  Cruising & Dinners


Kick off the cruising season with the Easter Cruise! 

Friday, April 19 to Monday, April 22  2019 


Race to Roche—back by popular demand!
Welcome Reception
Potluck Dinner
Bus trips to Friday Harbor
Time to visit with fellow boaters
Annual Roche Easter Egg Hung (ages 11 & under) 
Teen activities    
Saturday bike ride to Lime Kiln Park


$1US/ft, includes 30 amps 


3rd night at Roche FREE or Anchor at Stuart Island 

Register below (must be logged in) or call the office at 250-592-2441 

If you have any questions, please e-mail


Seattle Yacht Club Opening Day Cruise  ::  Cruising & Dinners

Cruise on down to Seattle Yacht Club with fellow RVYC members to celebrate the legendary SYC Opening Day! 

SYC Opening Day

For more information please contact the Cruise Co-ordinators, Angel and Jeff Kibble, at .

You can also read Jeff's recap of past SYC Opening Day events (filled with raving reviews!) in the Spring/Summer Special Edition or the December Issue  of the Mainsheet - must be logged in to website to view.

Full event details and calendar available on the SYC website HERE.

 If you are interested in joining in the fun, sign-up below!

**We have reached our allocated dock space - if you would like to be added to the waitlist, please e-mail **

May 2019

Commodore's Cruise: The Timbers, Bedwell Harbour  ::  Cruising & Dinners


Saturday, May 18 to Monday, May 20, 2019

At Timbers on Pender Island

Across from Poet's Cove by water or by road at 6901 Shark Road

The Commodore’s Cruise is a volunteer run event held every year on the May long weekend. This year the theme will be “Chilling Out” with friends and family. This Cruise is the biggest cruise of the year and is always wildly successful and fun.

Timbers is provided to our Club by hosts and Honorary Members Bob and Diane Conconi. The property has a heated outdoor pool, spacious grounds with some playground equipment, a gazebo with a fire pit and a drying shed, with a bathroom. It is located across from Beaumont Provincial Park where there are ample anchoring opportunities and park mooring buoys.

Moorage can also be reserved at Poet’s Cove by phoning (250) 629-2111. This is a very busy weekend so early registration is encouraged. RVYC will arrange day shuttle service from the anchorage or Poet’s Cove to the dinghy dock provided at Timbers.  As there are no cabins or camping sites available at Timbers, members wishing to drive over for the Cruise may wish to Google  “Pender Island Tourist accommodation” for appropriate recommendations.

This year we are encouraging self directed activities for those who don’t want to just veg out and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow cruisers. Options are hiking, arranging a golf game, using the Club kayaks and paddle boards which will be brought to Timbers, organizing teen or young family games, participating in the ducky race, joining a musical jam session in the evening, and the list goes on! It will be up to Members to decide what they wish to do.

 If you have any questions or wish to volunteer for anything please don’t hesitate to contact Ellie Conconi  - or Terry Costain –  


Saturday, May 18th

  • Potluck Happy Hour – bring an appetizer, wine provided
  • BBQ – salmon or vegetarian burger, salads and desert provided

Sunday, May 19th

  • Pancake breakfast provided
  • Happy Hour - wine and appetizers provided
  • Potluck Dinner


Early bird registration by May 5th

  • Members 11 years and older: $15
  • Non Members (guests) 11 years and older: $20
  • All children 10 and under: FREE

Registration after May 5th

  • Members 11 years and older: $20 
  • Non Members (guests) 11 years and older: $25
  • All children 10 and under: FREE


June 2019

Ladies Cruise  ::  Cruising & Dinners


Come join us!



Date:    Roche Harbour,   Fri June 7 to Sun June 9

Cruise Coordinator:  Tibbie Adams    ()

Need a fun weekend away?  Then come on the annual RVYC women's cruise. Grab your boat  and your girlfriends and head on over to Roche Harbour. Party with other intrepid female captains. Scared of the sea? Contact Tibbie and we can buddy boat from Oak Bay together. Trouble leaving the dock? Get the dock staff to push you off or ask your partner to move the boat to an outer dock. Trouble landing?  Easy! Go dead slow and get the Roche Harbour dock crew to catch you (call VHF 78a) or call me (VHF 9, Meander) and I will dock your boat for you. This is a fun relaxing weekend so come and join us.


Arrive, check in to customs, and ask for moorage slip assignment (VHF 78A)                       
5:00pm    Happy Hour!  Wear pink - There will be a  prize for the best costumed crew or decorated boat. Bring an appy to go with some RVYC wine. 

10:00am    Walk to the mausoleum, explore the gardens, and shop till you drop, using the 3 store discounts.
1:00pm      Go to the spa, play tennis, or laze around the pool.                                   
5:00pm      Pot luck Happy Hour, dinner with friends.

9:00am      Free donuts on the dock. Bring your own coffee.

This cruise is free! Deadline to have your moorage booked for you is Monday, June 2. Sign up on the club cruising website. Or, sign up late, and phone Roche Harbour to book your own moorage. Notes: check US customs for latest food prohibitions, you will also need a USA cruising licence if you don't have one.  

July 2019

Multi Destination Distance Cruise  ::  Cruising & Dinners

Royal Victoria Yacht Club, Extended summer cruise, 2019

This is planned to be a six-week cruise offered in four phases/stages:

Phase/stage One: June 30 to July 7.
Long Harbour to Desolation Sound

Phase/stage Two: July 7 to July 14
Desolation to the Broughton’s, rendezvous in Fury Cove July 14 for those extending to phase three. Some may wish to stay in the Broughton’s and pick up the group again in Port Hardy on the 28th.

Phase/stage Three: July 14 to July 28
Exploration of the Central Coast ending with a rendezvous in Shearwater on or around July 17 and then back to Port Hardy by July 28. Once in Port Hardy, the decision will be made as to who would like to return to Victoria via the East Coast of the Island and who would like to come down the West Coast.

Phase/stage Four: July 29 to August 11. Return to Victoria area.

East Coast Group (4A)
Planned in two sections; Port Hardy to Campbell River Area, and then Campbell River to Victoria.

West Coast Group (4B)
Also planned in two sections; Port Hardy to Clayoquot Sound and then Clayoquot to home.

Members are invited to attend all or any of the phases and to leave and rejoin as their plans or wishes dictate, after all it is a cruise.

Our plan will allow for one or two gatherings of the fleet for each stage, individuals or smaller groups could explore in between.

The challenge of a trip of this nature is not to overpower small anchorages or small marinas.

Within the plan for each stage, all could determine their own schedule and or ‘buddy’ with a ‘like-minded/like cruising speed potential’ boats.

Information/Planning Meetings are scheduled for April 16 and May 14 at the Club, Discovery Room, 1900-2100. Other rendezvous points will be selected at these times

September 2019

Corn Cruise 2019  ::  Cruising & Dinners

To register for the Corn Cruise, click here

Corn Cruise 2019 2