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January 2016

New Year's Day  ::  Holidays and Observances

Mini 12  ::  Mini-12

Mini 12 New Years Day Rum Race  ::  Mini-12

See Mini 12 Schedule for RO, ARO and Host Boat duty roster.


New Years Race will be followed by Potluck - details to be determined.

Johnstone Reef Race  ::  Special Races

pdfSailing Instructions113.21 KB

2016 RVYC Johnstone Reef Race

January 2, 2016

Sailing Instructions  

1.        Rules            
1.1       The 2016 Johnstone Reef Race will be governed by the ‘rules’ as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing 2013-2016, the prescriptions of the Canadian Yachting Association, the Sailing Instructions and any amendments.            
1.2       The Pacific International Yachting Association Safety Regulations shall apply as follows: PIYA - Category III. ORC Nearshore            
1.3       The Class Rules of the various One Design Classes will apply.            
1.4       The Regatta is designated a Category “C” event under ISAF Regulation20, Advertising Code. The Organizing Authority may require all participating boats to    display the event sponsor’s advertising in accordance with Regulation 20.3.1 (b).

2.        Notices to Competitors
2.1       There will be no Notice to Competitors.

3.        Changes to Sailing Instructions
3.1       Any change to the Sailing Instructions will be posted before 1300 on Saturday, January 2, 2016

4.        Signals Made Ashore            
4.1       There will be no signals made ashore.

5.        Schedule of Races
5.1       One race is scheduled.
5.2       The scheduled time of the warning signal for the first race 1300 hrs.

6.        Class Flags            
6.1       There will only be one start. All vessels must be at anchor in the region of the RVYC Visitors Wharf prior to the start.

7.         Racing Area           
7.1       The racing area shall be within the environs of Cadboro Bay, Oak Bay and Haro               Strait.

8.        The Course            
8.1       The Course will from Cadboro Bay to the Johnstone Reef marker buoy to a yellow buoy off Cattle Point, thence to the vessel’s moorage location. The vessel must be de-rigged with sails stowed and all equipment put away before the crew may leave the vessel. The crew must then proceed up to the RVYC Clubhouse. The RVYC flagpole is a mark of the course.

9.         Marks            
9.1       The Rounding Marks will be as indicated. All marks must be left to starboard.        

10.   The Start            
10.1     All vessels must be at anchor north of a line normally used as the finish line for RVYC long distance racing. The preparatory sound signal will be at 1300 hours GPS time, and a Start sound signal at 1301 hours to indicate the start. After the second sound signal the crews may pull up the anchor, and sails to start the race. There will be no flags.

11.       The Finish            
12.1     The finishing line will be at the Bar of the Yacht Club.

13.       Procedure at the Cattle Point Mark      
13.1     Once a vessel has rounded the Cattle Point Mark, they may lower their sails and proceed under motor to their berth. If the vessel chooses to sail the leg of the course from this mark to their berth, they must have all sails and equipment stowed before the crew can proceed to the Finish Line at the RVYC Bar.

14.       Penalty System
14.1     The Race Committee has the right to inspect all boats, and if equipment is not properly stowed a Penalty beverage to the Race Committee may be assessed.

15.      Time Limits            
15.1     The time limit to complete the race course for all classes will be 120 minutes.             15.2     For all courses, if no boat in a class has passed the first Mark within 30 minutes after the start the race shall be abandoned and all vessels may motor directly to the their Moorage locations. The rest of the Race shall proceed as described.

16.       Protests and Requests for Redress            
16.1    There will be no Protests.

17.       Scoring and Prizes              
17.1   As crews finish, the first crew shall buy the following crew either a round of drinks or a jug of beer. The choice of the round of drinks or a jug of beer shall be at the discretion of the purchasing crew. The second crew shall buy drinks for the third crew and so on. The final crew to finish shall purchase for the first crew. The Race Committee may elect to include other prizes at its discretion.

18.       Disclaimer              
18.1   Injuries to competitors and damage to boats can and often does occur. Competitors sail at their own risk. The Organizing Authority and all parties involved in the organization and execution of the 2016 Johnstone Reef Race accept no responsibility or liability for any loss, damage or injury which may occur to any person or property, whether ashore or afloat, as a consequence of participation in the Regatta or otherwise. The Organizing Authority and all parties involved disclaim any and all such liability.              
18.2   The Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions in no way limit or reduce the          complete and unlimited responsibilities of a competitor for the management and care of a boat she or he may be sailing in the Race.

19.       Insurance              
19.1   It is a condition of entry into the Race that the owner/competitor has third party      liability insurance coverage to a minimum value of $1,000,000 (CDN) as well as property insurance to the value of $100,000 (CDN). Such insurance should cover all                         risks arising whilst the competitor is participating in any way in the Regatta whether ashore or afloat. The owner/competitor is required by the Organizing Authority to provide a copy of such certificate of insurance with the regatta entry.

Day After New Year’s Day (Quebec)  ::  Holidays and Observances

Public holiday in: Quebec

Mini 12  ::  Mini-12

Mini 12 Hardy-1  ::  Mini-12

See Mini 12 Schedule for RO, ARO and Host Boat duty roster.


Epiphany  ::  Holidays and Observances

Foreshore  ::  Committee Meetings

Cruising Meeting  ::  Committee Meetings