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Sailing Program Temporary Membership

As a student of the RVYC Learn to Sail Program, or as a parent of someone attending the RVYC Learn to Sail Program, you will be eligible for a Sailing Program Temporary Membership.  The Membership is valid for a one month period from the commencement of your, or your child’s, class. The Sailing Program Temporary Membership gives you access to the Chartroom (the pub - 19+ only) and the Dining Room.  This membership is valid anytime the facilities are open, you just need show your Sailing Program Temporary Membership card when placing your order.  There is no charge for this Temporary Membership other than what you spend on food and beverages and your guests are welcome to join you.  You can find the hours of operation by clicking HERE.

This program is made available in the hope that by enjoying some of the benefits of the Club you will think about becoming a RVYC member. The Club is an active and exciting place and it helps you enjoy the best parts of living on the West Coast. To read more about the benefits and costs of becoming a member please check information on our website by clicking HERE.

In order to obtain your Sailing Program Temporary Membership card you need to complete a form and give it to the sailing instructors down at the Sailing Office.  A copy of this form can be found HERE or you can obtain one from the Sailing Office or from your instructor.