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SPOT Trackers unavailable for 2020 Cruising Season

Summer cruising is now upon us!

There are many members heading off to wonderful destinations.  Some members are taking the opportunity to rent a SPOT transponder from the Club so family and friends can follow their adventures.

To follow along, please visit rvyc-cruising.swiftsure.org.


How & Where to Get Them

You should know the SPOTS are the units the Swiftsure Organizers require all long-distance racers to carry aboard. Therefore, by leasing a few to us, Swiftsure recovers a titch of their costs. For us, this is much less expensive than going to the SPOT suppliers directly.

Registry and data input to your SPOT

We have set up an Online Booking tool in order to reserve a SPOT.  Please click on the link below and fill in the required details and hit the Submit button at the bottom of the page.  Any questions, please email . NOTE: There is a glitch in the booking system that prevents booking for more than 3 days. Please enter the date you want to pick up the SPOT as the start date and make the end date 2 or 3 days later.


Book a SPOT


If you are an RVYC member the $40 charge for a SPOT can be charged to your club account number.  That $40 charge covers the rental for the entire cruising season.  Otherwise you can pay cash or charge your credit card by informing the RVYC office. 

Loss or Damage:

Please note there is a Loss/Damage charge of $200.


You, your friends, family and other members can follow your route, or the route of other boats in our flotilla using internet access for rvyc-cruising.swiftsure.org.  I suggest you try it before departure. 

·   After picking up your SPOT you should also turn it on (outdoors with good view of satellites) to confirm your yacht comes up on the RVYC-cruising.swiftsure.org/ site.  Give it 10 minutes to acquire.

  • Remember to turn SPOT off when you’ve dropped your hook and back on when you raise it.



Do not press the Mayday button unless you mean it! The instruction pamphlet will tell you how to cancel if you, or your kids, send an unintentional Mayday. (We know little ones love to press buttons.)


  • If you are in a Mayday situation you should first use VHF Channel 16. (Remember: Mayday means potential for imminent loss of life à Running out of fuel does not qualify as Mayday priority.) Mayday broadcast on Channel 16 is a DIRECT input to SAR. A SPOT Mayday will also get the message out, but first it goes to Texas and then gets re-routed.