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Submit a Photo

We are always on the lookout for new and exciting content from our members! There are a few ways you can submit your photos:

1. You can e-mail your Club related photos to  with a short description and photographer details. Your images could be used on the RVYC website, social media channels, or in one of our publications including the Jibsheet, Mainsheet, and Annual. We will always include photo credits with everything we post. Thanks to everyone who has sent in submissions so far - keep those photos coming!

2. You can upload your photos directly to our new photo galleries availalbe in several areas throughout the website.

Club Events such as the Royal Visit and Opening Day can be seen under "The Club" menu.  Similarly recent club cruise photos can be viewed under the "Cruising" menu.  The racing galleries will begin using this tool shortly.

Most of our club photo galleries are only viewable when members login to the website, and only registered members can upload photos.  You will see the upload tool below the photos within each gallery.  You can upload photos one at a time, or multiple photos if you have many.  You'll note that a few of the galleries are "locked" and the upload tool will not appear (e.g. the Royal Visit).

Photos submitted to RVYC can be used by owners for other purposes, but are given to the Club for possible use in the Club Annual, on the Website, in the Mainsheet and in the Club Archives. The Club does not condone use of the photos by other persons, but will not be responsibe if such use occurs.