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01 July 2019 - 07 July 2019
01 July 2019 - 07 July 2019

Multi Destination Distance Cruise  ::  Cruising & Dinners

Royal Victoria Yacht Club, Extended summer cruise, 2019

This is planned to be a six-week cruise offered in four phases/stages:

Phase/stage One: June 30 to July 7.
Long Harbour to Desolation Sound

Phase/stage Two: July 7 to July 14
Desolation to the Broughton’s, rendezvous in Fury Cove July 14 for those extending to phase three. Some may wish to stay in the Broughton’s and pick up the group again in Port Hardy on the 28th.

Phase/stage Three: July 14 to July 28
Exploration of the Central Coast ending with a rendezvous in Shearwater on or around July 17 and then back to Port Hardy by July 28. Once in Port Hardy, the decision will be made as to who would like to return to Victoria via the East Coast of the Island and who would like to come down the West Coast.

Phase/stage Four: July 29 to August 11. Return to Victoria area.

East Coast Group (4A)
Planned in two sections; Port Hardy to Campbell River Area, and then Campbell River to Victoria.

West Coast Group (4B)
Also planned in two sections; Port Hardy to Clayoquot Sound and then Clayoquot to home.

Members are invited to attend all or any of the phases and to leave and rejoin as their plans or wishes dictate, after all it is a cruise.

Our plan will allow for one or two gatherings of the fleet for each stage, individuals or smaller groups could explore in between.

The challenge of a trip of this nature is not to overpower small anchorages or small marinas.

Within the plan for each stage, all could determine their own schedule and or ‘buddy’ with a ‘like-minded/like cruising speed potential’ boats.

Information/Planning Meetings are scheduled for April 16 and May 14 at the Club, Discovery Room, 1900-2100. Other rendezvous points will be selected at these times