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Mini 12 Job Descriptions 2013


1.        Duties and Responsibilities of Officers


1.1        Chair


  • preside at meetings


  • open and close meetings on time, as is possible


  • prepare an agenda of items to be addressed at each meeting


  • represent the Executive and Fleet, as required


  • support members in completing tasks





1.2        Fleet Captain


  •  Prepare racing schedule, which includes:


-  series number and race day number


-  race officer of the day


-  host boat



  • Stand in for Chairperson.


  • Represent the Mini 12 fleet at the monthly meetings of the Fleet Captains.


  • Maintain Saturday race instructions.


  • Organize special racing events and prepare race instructions for those events.



1.3        Fleet Score Keeper


  • Prepare score sheets for recording race results.  These include sheets for recording results on the race course, daily score sheets for recording overall totals and finish positions for each person for each day, series score sheets, and overall results for the year.  Ensure that adequate copies of the race score sheets are in the race officer’s briefcase.


  • Record results on each racing day after obtaining race results from the race officer of the day.


  • Post results on the Web site as soon as possible after each racing day and after the conclusion of each series.


  • Prepare summaries on series results:  the first three finishers in the Deception and Illusion classes, for information to the Executive and for announcement at Fleet social activities.


  • Update scorekeeping system before each season and as needed thereafter and post on the Web.


  • Submit through the Executive the awards/trophy recipients.




1.4        Secretary


  • Record the minutes of all Executive Committee Meetings and General Meetings.


-  Distribute copies to members of the Executive, to the Club Manager, the Fleet Notice Board and to file.


-  Book all meeting rooms for all Executive and General Meetings.


-  Remind Executive members of upcoming meetings.


-  Record the names of all persons attending meetings.


  • Club owned Illusions - User Application/Liability Form.  Ensure that all members wanting to sail one of the club owned Illusions complete a copy of this form.  Deliver the signed forms to the RVYC Accounts Office.


  • Fleet Social Activities/Beverages fund (collect and record).  This fee is set annually by the Executive and is collected from the Mini 12 fleet members who are individually participating actively in the scheduled sailing events, and from couples who have elected to be social members only.  The Accounting department of RVYC arranges to charge each members’ account and maintains the funds on behalf of the Mini 12 fleet.


  • Fleet Membership List.  Maintain a list of all participating members and social members, including addresses and phone numbers.


  • Vessels List.  Maintain a list of all privately owned Deceptions and Illusions, as well as a list of the assignments to club owned Illusions.




1.5        Treasurer


  • Oversee all Fleet Finances.


  • RVYC monthly statement of debits and credits.  Provided by RVYC accounting department.


  • General ledger printout (ie:  Mini 12 portion of the club boats statement - obtained from Accounts Office after the month end)


  • Obtain (to the extent possible) copies of all invoices for goods and services charged to the Mini 12 accounts.




1.6        IIlusion Boat Representative


  • Allocate boat assignments for the Club owned Illusions to registered Mini 12 members


  • Make temporary boat assignments on race days to ensure (if possible) that all club boats are used.


  • Oversee maintenance of the club owned Illusions (cradles and related equipment.


  • Dispense maintenance spares and other items from the locked Mini 12 supply locker.  Keys to this locker are currently issued to the Fleet Club Boat Representative and Assistant, and the Fleet Captain.


  • Organize boat maintenance work parties as needed in the Fall and Spring to ensure that the club owned boats are kept in good operating condition.


  • Using money from the annual maintenance budget, purchase items/services for the maintenance and repair of the Club Illusions and cradles.  Monitor for other charges against the maintenance budget.


  • Assist and advise those registered users who require or seek guidance with respect to minor maintenance undertakings.


  • Tactfully (or otherwise) bring to the attention of registered users any oversights on their part in the care and maintenance of the boats and operation gear.




1.7        Deception Representative


  • Represent the Deception Owners on the Mini 12 Executive Committee.


  • Provide the Mini 12 Executive with a contact person within the Deception fleet.


  • Represent the Deception fleet in any matters affecting them, including but not restricted to, Mini 12 Fleet finances, scoring system, hosting, race management, berthing facilities and boat usage.




1.8        Interclub Representative


  • Coordinates Interclub Regattas


  • Forms a committee to assist with planning and execution of Regattas


  • Keep a record of information and contacts for Interclub Regattas







1.9        Social Convenor


  • Plan social events:  what, where, when, with input from the Executive.  This will involve communicating and planning with the Club Manager and Caterer when necessary.


  • Form a Social and Entertainment Committee from the Mini 12 membership in order to:


        -  generate new ideas;


-  phone members as required, ie:  potlucks;


-  assist with any other aspect of social and entertainment, eg: decorating.


  • Organize details for social events, eg: menu, entertainment, etc.


  • Liaise closely with the Treasurer for financial considerations associated with expenses incurred from the social and entertainment events.


  • Keep a record of information and contacts used throughout the year which would be helpful to the incoming Social Convenor.


  • Check and restock host boat supplies at regular intervals (once a month).




1.10        Publicity


  • Submit monthly Mainsheet article on racing, social and other events


  • Assist with the publicity of special events





RVYC Mini 12 Fleet Manual

September 2013


Mini 12 Fleet - Minutes of Meetings

Meeting Type Date of Meeting Minutes
Executive  2012 Dec 5  Minutes

Mini 12 Minutes - December 5, 2012

ATTENDANCE:        Brian Dodsworth, Mike Wolkowicz, Chris Daley

                        Don Thain, Tibbie Adams, Anne Daley, Gus Whitmore

Meeting commenced at 7:30 pm



Mike gave an update on the recent and ongoing hoist repairs by Foreshore.  Brian and Mike spent several hours assisting.

Sails will be taken out of RVYC Mini 12s by Brian and Mike and stored inside until required.  eg: New Years Day


Tibbie requested and was given permission for $100 for door prizes.  She provided details about the arrangements for the annual Christmas dinner on Sunday December 9th.


Don gave an update on the new scorekeeping.

“DNC” - Did not compete - changed to:  Any sailor not competing in a race will be given a score equal to the number of competitors in that series who raced.  This gives an equal score to all non-competitors which is the worst score possible.... but it is discardable!

“DNF” - Did not finish - changed to:  Those who were scored as On Course Side (OCS) or Did Not Finish (DNF) will receive a score of N+1 where N = number of boats that started.  This means that they finished “last” or one position after the last finisher.

Fleet Captain

A decision was made that Gus/Geoff would consult with Alex Fox (RVYC Racing Fleet Captain) as to whether the Mini 12 spring/early summer races should be held on Wednesday evening or Thursday evening.  There has been an indication that RVYC (Alex) would like to have it on Wednesdays.   Dunnery Best had indicated last year that it would be better for Mini 12ers to race on an evening other than Wednesday.  Gus/Geoff will ask Mini 12 members at the Christmas dinner as to their preference.  A decision based on both above items will be made and members will be advised.  As soon as the evening (Wednesday or Thursday) has been selected there will be a sign up sheet presented to the members for positions of RO, DRO and Host boats for the various dates.

Race Officer (RO) training session has been scheduled for January 10th with more details to follow.

Chris lead a discussion with respect to the John Newton award.

Our next meeting will be held in early February and will possibly be held via email as many of the Executive will be away.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.

Minutes prepared by Anne Daley