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RVYC Eight Bells Group

In the sailing community, the death of a friend or family member is often recognized by an “Eight Bells” ceremony. The idea comes from the days of a sailor’s watch being marked every 30 minutes by the ringing of a bell with 8 bells marking the end of their 4-hour watch. “Eight bells and all is well” is a time-honored saying understood far and wide.

The Eight Bells Group at RVYC helps to provide this service to our members. A portable bell has been obtained for ringing in this scripted service. The ceremony can be conducted during a funeral service, at the time of interment, within a Celebration of Life, or before spreading one’s ashes at sea.

Membership Information:
Who may join: Any RVYC member or spouse.
Cost: A one-time $100 assessment.
How do I join: Membership forms are available in the RVYC office.

Included in your membership:
• A comprehensive Eight Bells Estate Planning Guide
• Access to a library of books covering this topic that may be borrowed
• When one of our members passes they are permanently honoured by engraving their name on the base of the Eight Bells bell which is displayed in the RVYC trophy case
• An Eight Bells ceremony

• Held on the Monday of the week preceding Opening Day
• Guest speaker- Past speakers have expertly addressed: Living Wakes, Medical Marijuana, and Representation Agreements

For more information or questions, contact: Ed Life, Don Thain, Patrick Hunt, David Trace or Email:

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