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Seattle Yacht Club Opening Days – May 05,2018

By: Ellie Conconi

Planning for RVYC’s participation in the Seattle Yacht Club Opening Days has begun. The Seattle Trio visited RVYC on Feb 02 to extend an invitation to us and introduce the “Ocean Crossings” as the theme for this year.

 It all starts after our Opening Day, with a cruise, headed up by Jeff and Angel Kibble, our RVYC Cruising Fleet Captain. The plan is to arrive on Tuesday, May 1st at SYC Port Madison Outstation for an evening of fun. Wednesday we make our way up through the locks and lifting bridges to SYC, Portage Bay, Dock Zero.

Thursday is considered Canadian Day and includes events such as Ladies Outing and Men’s Luncheon, ending the day with a very special Canadian Reception.  Friday brings the SYC luncheon, the Commodores’ Commode Cup Race, the “Margarita” party hosted by Royal Vancouver Yacht Club and the famous “North of the Border” party hosted by our club with Canadian wine and beer.

Saturday is truly a day to be remembered as we take part in the Sailpast through the Montlake Cut in front of hundreds of cheering spectators. 

We will be looking to again bring the Wilson Seamanship Trophy back to RVYC, but it is rumored that there will be at least 3 other clubs looking to enter this category and so we have our work cut out for us. In the previous years our club had an entry in the Spirit class and did us proud with at least 3 first place finishes and so maybe you might be interested in pulling together a Spirit team as well.

Our Cruising Fleet Captain, Jeff Kibble is looking to make this a club cruise as part of the experience. The Port Madison SYC outstation will probably be available following the event. More news to follow as plans unfold.

Our club has been allotted 250 feet on Dock Zero, which we will manage. What that means is rather than each of us registering separately with SYC, email your boat name (as well as length, beam, and draft), skipper name and cell phone to before March 01. Please also indicate if you wish to take your boat through the cut, or crew on another boat.

If you plan to attend the event and are coming by land, air or the Clipper, email Ellie Conconi so that you can be registered for the various activities associated with the event.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to send an email or call 250-652-1634.



Symphony Splash 2017

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This year, the Club decided to do something a little different. Organized with the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority, RVYC was able to create a private booking in the inner harbour for RVYC members to enjoy the Symphony Splash and BC Day long weekend downtown.

The Club was able to reserve G & F docks, which were located only one dock away from the edge of the left side of the marina (when looking from the Empress). On Saturday evening, Marianne and David Scott organized an informal pot luck at 5:30 pm for everyone to attend. The members were excited to participate and chat on the docks. On Sunday evening, the members were located right behind the main stage and had crystal clear sound eminating towards them throughout the evening. 

20170806 191413

There were a couple of boats that decided to tie up a little further away on C dock, which was no problem to organize. We saw a total of 13 RVYC boats attend, with plenty of family and friends joining the members on the docks for libations, food and good times. 

To hear the orchestra warming up, and to get an idea of how close the dock booking was, click here to watch a short youtube video. 

We are currently speaking with the GVHA to book again for next year, so watch out for notifications to get your reservation request in!

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Maple Bay Regatta

By: Heather Brazier


The weather gods smiled on the 2017 edition of the Maple Bay Regatta, held September 2nd and 3rd. With steady breeze, sunshine, and warm temperatures, Race Officer Kirk Palmer made the most of the conditions, with six races for all divisions. A number of competitors cooled off between or after races (and in one case, during a race) by going for a swim (some voluntarily, some not). The four Royal Victoria Yacht Club boats that participated, posted strong results: Bulletproof (Nigel Martin and Heather Brazier) 2nd in Division B, Caliente (Simon Walker’s new Hotfoot 27) 1st in Division C, Amoore (Joy Dahlgren) 2nd in Division C, and Scooter (Alex Fox’s new/old T-bird) 1st in Division D. Caliente also won the Adam's Cup for the top boat in divisions C and D combined. The regatta organizers paid tribute to Royal Victoria Yacht Club member Bruce Campbell, who passed away recently. Bruce, and his wife Bobbi, have been long-time supporters of the Maple Bay Regatta. Bobbi came up from Seattle for the event, marking her 21st Maple Bay Regatta. Maple Bay Yacht Club also recognized Nanaimo Yacht Club member, Bill Allan with 50 cans of beer for participating in his 50th Maple Bay Regatta. Hopefully, more Royal Victoria Yacht Club boats can make the trek north to our sister club next year.


RVYC Family Campout #2

IMG 0212


The second RVYC Family Campout of the season was a great success! Everyone arrived to beautiful weather, clear skies, and happy faces. Tents were set up around the perimeter of the lawn, and families played corn hole, blew bubbles, and participated in their own family camping traditions. 

Dinner was served at 6:00pm which consisted of hot dogs and piping hot french fries. Everyone sat out on the patio to enjoy their meals then headed into the Discovery Room with their popcorn for Trolls, the indoor movie for the little ones. 

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After the movie, the fire pit was lit and the Smore's Station was ready to go! Families crowded around, grabbed their roasting sticks, a couple marshmallows and their chocolate covered graham cracker cookies to make the most delicious smores there are...at least we all thought so! Many kids...and parents too...came back for seconds (and sometimes thirds) of their ooey gooey creations. 

20170729 195716

Once the smore's were all done, parents and children played on the playground, out in the field, relaxed for a little bit or sat by the fire and chatted. It was a great moment to catch up, let the kids burn off some sugar and enjoy their time overlooking cadboro bay.

At about 8:50 pm, everyone was serenaded by the old 60's lobby music and 10 minute count down to when the movie would start. Children rushed over, grabbed their popcorn and glow stick and claimed their perfect seat. After the lobby chime, The LEGO Batman movie began. 

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The movie was played on RVYC's brand new 144 inch screen on the patio with surround sound, right under the stars.Afterwards everyone sauntered off to bed and snuggled in for the night on the lawn.

The next morning, everyone enjoyed a delicious pancake breakfast provided by Chef Andrew. A perfect way to start a Sunday morning!