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Funding Information

Royal Victoria Yacht Club maintains four Racing Funds:

a) Junior Development Fund

b) Intermediate Racing Fund

c) National and International Racing Fund

d) Olympic Fund

The RVYC Annual outlines the administration, disbursement, and principles of the Racing Funds. It contains specific information about each fund and should be referenced by each applicant.

 View the Racing Funds & Wall of Racing Excellence Guidelines below

pdfRacing Funds & Racing Wall of Excellence Rules


RVYC Junior Development Fund– expanded guidelines


These funds are in place to provide opportunities for our junior sailors to attain their highest goals in the sport. The approval for disbursement of these funds must follow a set of rules to ensure fairness for all and respect for the generosity of the club and its members.

The purpose of the Fund is to promote participation by junior members of the Royal Victoria Yacht Club in National and International yachting events, or their qualifiers, and to financially assist such endeavours. The fund does not support local regattas such as most of the BC Circuit events.

An important consideration for funding is how you represent your club. The expectation is that you will put forward your best effort to attain your goals. This includes being committed to pursuing sailing as an elite athlete, planning your events, training hard, planning your travel and accommodations appropriately and conducting yourself as an ambassador of the Royal Victoria Yacht Club. Failing to represent the club appropriately can result in the forfeiture of funding.

The Racing Funds Standing Committee, as outlined in the annual, administers all racing funds. This committee reviews the applications for funding and decides what level of funding will be awarded. The committee will generally meet twice a year. The spring meeting is to interview applicants, review applications and determine budget estimates. The fall meeting is to review applicants actual receipts, review results, and issue cheques.  A year for funding purposes runs Sept 16 – Sept 15 of the following year.

Approved Expenses

  1. Entry Fees -all event entry fees apply. Most events will apply an additional charge for late registration. It is expected that your planning will ensure that you don’t incur late entry fees.
  2. Travel - it is expected that you will choose the most cost effective means of travel. If you travel as a group, you will be expected to report only your portion of the expenses.
  3. Lodging - cost effectiveness is expected. Many events will have a host hotel that may offer a special rate. Billeting maybe available.
  4. Food - As meals can be somewhat subjective, reimbursement will be on a “per diem” basis. The rate will be $20.00 per day for all racing and traveling days.
  5. Towing expenses – are shared by each boat on the trailer.
  6. Boat Charters - may be the only solution but can be very expensive.

Process for Application for Funding

***Funding Template Will be supplied Early June and Early Sept from the sailing office

  1. Use the provided spreadsheet customize it to your event schedule.
  2. Estimate your amounts of approved expenses. Using Excel spreadsheet “Regatta Expenses, Estimates”, insert name, year and estimates.
  3. Write a cover letter giving an outline of your goals, training plan including fitness.
  4. Complete the Application for Funds Side 1
  5. Submit all the above documents to the club office. Attention: Chair of the Racing Funds Committee. Due May 15th annually
  6. Attend the spring meeting where you will be interviewed to review your intentions.
  7. Keep all receipts except for per diem expenses i.e. food as you attend events.
  8. In September, complete Excel spreadsheet Regatta Expenses, Actuals, insert name and year and actual costs.
  9. Write a cover letter outlining your results during the season.
  10. Complete the Application for Funds form Side 2
  11. Submit the actual costs documents to the club office. Attention: Chair of the Racing Funds Committee. Due September 15th annually

How much Funding can I expect?

  1. RVYC will not fund all of your costs. The Fund provides a percentage of approved expenses based on the current available monies.
  2. It is expected that the athlete will cover his or her costs up front and then be reimbursed by the Fund.
  3. The Club will endeavour to send reimbursement cheques by the end of the calendar year.

Regatta Information

The Opti and Senior Sailing Teams participate in a variety of Local, Provincial, National and International events. The team participates in many of the events on the BC Circuit as well as  the Island Circuit. For information about dates and locations of various events please check out www.bcsailing.bc.ca and www.sailing.ca, or talk with your coach.

At Home Regattas

Sailing Team members are encouraged to participate in Home Regattas. Online registration can be found through the Royal Victoria Yacht Club website. The Notice of Race (NOR) is posted on the RVYC website which outlines the times, costs and meal. There is often an early bird deadline, which allows some cost savings.

If space permits, families are encouraged to billet sailors traveling from out of town. This helps build inter club and team relationships which makes it easier to find places to billet when the team heads to an away regatta. Please contact  if you are able to billet sailors for an upcoming regatta.

Away Regattas

The privilege to travel to an away regatta is always at the coach’s discretion. It is important to communicate with your coach regarding your preparedness. Opti Sailing Team members are generally expected to travel with a parent due to their age. Volunteer parents are always needed to make this traveling possible.

The Notice of Race (NOR) will be posted on the website of the hosting yacht club giving all the details for the racing, cost and meals. Registration procedures vary, but are often online.

Sailing Team procedures involve telling the coach you are planning to attend well in advance so that trailer space, drivers and rides and billeting or accommodation details can be arranged ahead of time.

Athletes and parents load trailers during Wednesday and Thursday practices. Athletes are responsible for making certain their own gear is loaded. Know the departure date and make sure you know when your ride is leaving. It is important to contact your ride directly so everyone is in the know. It is recommended to bring $25 per day for food on the ferry and incidentals. Cell phones make contacting your child easy while they are away although they do not always respond; keep trying. Please be assured that you will be contacted immediately if there is an emergency.  Athletes need to inquire when the trailers are being unloaded and show up to assist in the process. Typically on the Tuesday after the event. Loading and Unloading tyrailers is a group activity.

Sailing Team travel costs (transporting boats and athletes, and accommodation costs) to these regattas are billed to the participants on a per person basis. Parents who are incurring costs from towing and driving athletes need to fill in an Expense Claim Form-Reimbursement Form. It is important to state on the form whom you drove for billing purposes.  Please submit your forms to the Head Coach within 3 weeks of the event so we can bill the expenses appropriately.

Any special circumstances for your child need to be discussed with the coach well ahead of time. Please keep Medical Information current.

This Junior Race Team events calendar is brand new and still needs to be fully populated...  Updates coming soon ...




About RVYC Sailing Programs

RVYC Sailing Program Mission Statement

Sailing programs at RVYC provide adventurous, inclusive and quality programs for the community.
We value sportsmanship, excellence and sailing for life.

About the RVYC Sailing Program

The Royal Victoria Yacht Club has one of the highest quality sailing programs in the country. Voted Sail Canada's Sailing Program of the Year in 2011 and 2012, we encorporate Sail Canada's CanSail program into our training programs. There are a variety of different courses to choose from. Even sailors as young as 4 can learn to sail!


Click here for more information on Youth Sailing Programs

Click here for more information on Adult Sailing Programs

At the helm of the RVYC Sailing Program is our award winning Coach and Sailing Program Coordinator, Stephen McBride. Stephen is assisted by Sail Canada certified coaches Jenn Grierson (Optimists), Delani Hulme Laurence, Erik Van Der Pol (Lasers) and Jennifer Braem (Double Handed) with high standards of safety and skill in teaching sailing and racing.

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2018 RVYC Sailing Team Important Events

Please contact the Sailing Office for more information

Spring Sailing Team Start March
Spring Break Training Camp March
 Opti Training Camp Spring Break
Funding Applications - Regatta Expense Estimates
 29er Midwinters West California   
 Laser Midwinters West  
 Easter Training Camp   RVYC - Vic
 Kitten Cup Regatta (BC Cirsuit #1)   RVanYC - Vancouver
 Spring Dinghies Regatta (BC Circuit #2)   RVYC – Vic
 Springtime Regatta (BC Circuit #3)   COSA Kelowna         
Laser PCC's   TBD
WAVES Regatta (BC Circuit #4)   RVanYC - Vancouver
Squamish Regatta (BC Circuit #5)   SYC
Race Team Training Camp
  RVYC - Vic
Sail Canada Sail West  TBD
Canadian Youth Championships   CORK, Kingston
CORK OCR   CORK, Kingston
Comox Regatta  Comox, BC - August
Optimist Canadian Championships  
Fall Sailing Team Starts  September
Funding Applications - Regatta Expenses Actual  September
Fall Dinghy Regatta (BC Circuit #8)   RVYC - Vic
Pumpkin Bowl Regatta (BC Circuit #9)   West Van Yacht Club
Rememberance Day Training Camp   RVYC - Vic
Teddy Bear Regatta (Club Champs/ Last Day of Training)   RVYC - Vic
 Winter Sailing Team Starts   January
Frozen Assets   RVYC - Vic
Louis Riel Camp   RVYC - Vic


Please go to www.bcsailing.bc.ca and www.sailing.ca to see the dates and locations of events.