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Due to COVID-19, the sailing program is being adapted to run through the summer months (subject to changes and modifications.) We will be lining P dock and the dinghy dock with social distancing markings and placing the Opti Fleet used for the summer program on the dock in a more permanent fashion. This will interrupt access to the boats during the day (9-4) and there will be less space as the boats will be stored on the dock with equipment under them to limit contact. We are also alternating the 420 storage to allow basic and advanced fleets to maintain distances. 

What this means on the dinghy dock is that there will be space between the boats for you to rig and go sailing. We will be requiring boats on Dollies to be stored in the racks or on the hard area near Starpoint lookout and near the ways shed. 

Please help us to maintain social distancing with the summer sailors by kindly not being on the dock while the Opti program is underway. If you require a bit more space between boats, please gently slide them over and then return them to within the squares/painted lines when you are finished.

For the Mini 12 and 2.4mR Fleet, we ask for your cooperation if you are working on rigging or otherwise messing around in boats on "P" dock. Please be respectful of social distancing practices while C420 classes are rigging, derigging etc. Please talk to the coaches or the sailing office and we assist when necessary. 

 Please wear a mask if young ones are present or be patient and allow them to clear out first.  

This is, at times, going to be an inconvenience and challenging but we do appreciate your assistance and we can all cooperate to achieve our sailing plans.

Kind Regards,
Steve McBride
Sailing Program Coordinator & Head Coach