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Commodore’s Message – March 18, 2020 updated March 25, 2020


Members have been asking what actions RVYC will be taking in response to the COVID-19 virus pandemic that is disrupting all aspects of our daily lives.   The Risk Management Committee of the Board met several times last week to identify key concerns related to club activities and operations, and to develop recommended actions for Board consideration.  At a special meeting last night, the Board of Directors confirmed that all club activities and events will comply with BC and Canada Chief Public Health Officers’ advice and directives.  And as policies and directives are expected to change over the next few weeks, the Club will monitor the situation and adjust its activities to ensure we remain in strict compliance. 

The Board of Directors is concerned about the health of members, staff and the community, and wants our Club to do its part to help flatten the curve of transmission of the COVID-19 virus.  Therefore, the Board has made the following decisions, based on the information available at this time.  RVYC will:

  • Close all food and beverage services and cancel all events involving food and beverage services until May 31st.

  • Close public and member spaces at the Clubhouse. A decision to reopen or extend will be made at least a week prior to May 31st. The Club office will remain open with reduced hours, as determined by the General Manager.

  • Keep the foreshore open at all locations. This includes the docks and dry sail area for members to access and maintain their boats.  The workshop, hoists, marine ways and washrooms will also remain open.  Members are requested to observe social distancing (2 metres) when using these facilities and to not gather in groups.

  • Cancel RVYC Opening Day on April 25th, and consider options to hold it at a later date.

  • Cancel Club regattas and races until May 31st.

  • Cancel Swiftsure 2020.

  • Cancel the Easter Cruise and the Commodore’s Cruise.

  • Allow individual youth sail training to continue as long as it adheres to COVID-19 directives regarding social distancing. Race Team training is suspended until May 31st .

  • Continue registrations for summer Instructional Sailing Programs, noting that refunds will be made if COVID-19 guidelines continue to preclude gatherings.

  • Continue to support Board and Program Committees meetings, using video or teleconferencing.

  • Require any Club staff or members returning from a trip outside Canada to self-isolate for 14 days before coming on to Club premises. Any Club staff or member that becomes infected or in contact with a person infected with COVID-19, must not come onto Club premises.

The Club is monitoring the evolving situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, and is adjusting its operations and activities to ensure we remain in compliance with Public Health Officers’ advice and directives. Additional decisions have been made since March 18th to:

  • Close the Long Harbour outstation, since the Islands Trust Council has asked “people visiting island properties from private boats to return to their primary residences, to reduce the need for medical evacuations”.

  • Close the clubhouse playground, due to challenges with ensuring physical distancing between children.

  • Not loan the club’s kayaks, paddleboards and dinghies or rent the club’s Martin 242s to members, because of difficulties in keeping this equipment cleaned and sanitized.

  • Freeze all non-essential operating and non-essential capital spending until further notice.

Our Club will continue to do its part to help flatten the curve of transmission of the COVID-19 virus, and to protect the health of members, staff and the community.  Given the seriousness of the pandemic, and that community transmission of this virus is happening, we may need to further restrict club activities and operations, particularly if members are gathering in groups and are not adhering to social/physical distancing requirements when using the foreshore areas. 

I hope all members stay in good health!

Connie Morahan

Connie Morahan,
Commodore Royal Victoria Yacht Club

The Board of Directors have prepared a Closure FAQ to help assist members in this uncertain time. Please click here to read the file.