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Royal Victoria Yacht Club secures Platinum Club of the World 2020-21
Certified by the Club Leaders forum advisory board

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The Royal Victoria Yacht Club (RVYC) has been awarded Platinum status as one of the top 50 Platinum Yacht Clubs of the World and one of 250 Platinum Clubs of the World. Platinum status is the benchmark for excellence and the most revered and respected award in the private club industry.

In electing the RVYC a Platinum Yacht Club of the World 2020-21, the international panel of industry experts, historians and connoisseurs considered seven selection criteria: the Club’s Universal Recognition, a Respected Membership, Excellence in Amenities and Facilities, Exceptional Service Standards, Adapting to Changing Times, Management and Operations, and the Overall Experience. “We are very proud of this extraordinary recognition of excellence in all aspects of the Club’s operations”, says RVYC General Manager, Simon Gatrell. “It is great for the Club to be recognized with the most elite yacht clubs around the world”.

Two other Canadian yacht clubs achieved the award this year: the Royal Canadian Yacht Club in Toronto and the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club. The Royal Victoria Yacht Club is the only private Club on the island with the Platinum Club of the World designation.