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Viewing Statements Online

We have changed our statement portal online. This means all members will need to register their profile in order to view their statement. 

Follow these easy steps to register your profile:

1. Login to the RVYC website

2. Go to the Member Statements section of the website:

click member statement

3. Click Member Registration

Registration page circled

4. Enter your Member Number, First Name and Last Name exactly as entered in Jonas. You can see how your name and member number are entered into Jonas by looking at your monthly statement you would receive by email or mail. Please include all zeros in your member number. 

member validation

5. Setup Username and Password. You will see this page once your name and member number have been validated. 

You can select your Username and Password on this screen. Usernames are not case sensitive, however Passwords are case sensitive.

In the event the password is forgotten, please select one of your e-mail addresses from the drop-down to associate with your user account. If there are no emails available in the drop-down menu, enter in your desired email address.

set up login


6. You are now registered to view member statements. You will not need to register again, but simply enter your login information. 

You can read a more detailed step by step instruction guide by clicking here. You can also call the Administration Office during office hours, and we can help you through the registration process.