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We have not one but two very exciting Cruising Dinners coming up!

Learn more below and don't forget to register - these dinners are always a sold out show. 

1. Cruising on Two Wheels from Bangkok to Saigon - Thursday, February 28

How would you celebrate your 40th anniversary? Perhaps a ruby ring? Or the gift of a two-week cycling trip from Bangkok to Saigon? Well, for better or worse - the oldyweds Don & Joan Thain joined forces with fellow members Don Jonsson and Sue Leuchter to do just that last spring. You’ll discover the joys of night bicycling in Bangkok where crazy traffic whizzes about and— for obvious reasons—NOBODY bicycles.  

Please note registration is currently FULL! E-mail  to be added to the wait list.

Feb 28 dinner

2. The Real Story on West Coast Rum Running - Thursday, March 28

With PowerPoint photos from his latest book, Don’t Never Tell Nobody Nothin’ Nohow: The Real Story of West Coast Rum Running, historian Rick James will explain what really went down in BC during West Coast booze trade years by bringing together information gathered from newspapers, magazines, archival records, oral-history recordings and accounts. Indeed, Rick’s research came across a 1924 newspaper account where a local reporter described the waters of Haro Strait as filled with “Oases of Scotch in Desert of Sea.”

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Photo by Patrick Lawson.