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A key benefit of the club is the organized cruises.  There are two basic types, local cruises which are done on long weekends and the longer, more adventurous summer cruises.  In either case they provide a destination and organized activities to be enjoyed with your existing friends or with the new ones you'll meet. 

The local cruises generally go to marinas in the area so that people don't have to take time off of work to participate.

The summer cruises take the participants much further afield.  A final destination is established and rendezvous points and dates are set so that participants can gather periodically along the way.  It is a great way to go where you may never have gone before with the comfort of travelling with others but with the amount of independence you want.

The cruising committee also organizes regular dinners at the club where speakers come and tell of their cruising adventures around the world.

Annual Corn Cruise
Genoa Bay
Port Browning
Roche Harbor
Summer cruise to Haida Gwai
Totem Poles on Haida Gwai
Circumnavigating Vancouver Island