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Group Activities

The main purpose of the club is to bring people together who have common interests. Although this is primarily around things done on the water, members have found other ways to leverage the facilities of the club.


Of course one of the biggest activies at the club is racing.  There are ongoing racing programs and special regattas throughout the year.  If you don't have your own boat but still want to race, there is lots of opportunity to crew or use a club boat. Read More About Racing.  

Race Team

If you are serious about racing, want to be serious, or just want to learn how to race, then joining the Race Team will get you there. The Race Team is for all ages and all abilities. Read More About Race Team.


Within the club there is a cruising committee which organizes cruises and dinners throughout the year to bring people together.  The Salish Sea provides one of the most incredible cruising grounds in the world and the club cruises go near and far.  Read More About Cruising. 


 Not everyone in the club is a racer or a cruiser.  The club is for people who enjoy the water and for some that is when they are slicing quietly through it in a kayak. Read More About Kayaking

Special Interest Groups

 The clubhouse is an excellent place to get together and it doesn't have to be about water.  Members can set up a special interest group and use the facilities to meet.  Read More About Special Interest Groups.