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Facilities for You to Use

The Royal Victoria Yacht Club was formed in 1892.  That is a long time ago and in the following years the club has been continually growing and building facilities for you to use. These facilities provide a lot of the benefits of the club and it is worth spending some time thinking about how you can enjoy them.  

The Clubhouse

The pièce de résistance of the club is its clubhouse located on the shores of Cadboro Bay.  A dining room, pub, patio, video room, meeting rooms, large function room, outdoor playground and beautiful grounds sorrounding it all.  A place to be enjoyed by people of all ages.  Read More About the Clubhouse

The Foreshore

This refers to the area above the docks which makes what you do on the water so much easier.  It includes what you need to get your boat in and out of the water, what you need to maintain your boat and a place to store boats large and small.  From a kayak storage shed to hot showers for after that unintended dip, you will find it at the foreshore.  Read More About the Foreshore.


The club has two marinas for members to moor their boats.  The larger is in front of the clubhouse at Cadboro Bay and the other is at Tsehum Haven in Tsehum Harbour near the Swartz Bay Ferry terminal.  Read More About the Marinas.

Club Boats

If you like to get out on the water but don't have a boat, the club has a number which you can rent for use.  Go out for an afternoon sail or do some racing.  There are even standup paddle boards and kayaks.  Read More About the Club Boats.


Outstations are facilities that the club owns or leases that are remote from the two marinas.  The Outstations provide destinations when cruising where you can go and see a friendly face.  Since the moorage is included in your membership dues they are a great deal.  Read More About the Outstations.


Ok, Reciprocals aren't really club faciilities, but you can think of them in that way.  RVYC has arrangements with many other yacht clubs in the area (and some further afield) which can materially reduce the cost of cruising.  In exchange for letting their members use our facilities, we get to use theirs.  So, for example, you can moore at Seattle Yacht Club for free while enjoying their clubhouse facilities.  Read More About Reciprocals.