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RTB Sunday October 19, 2014


Thermopylae 2014 - Bluebird's Crew
Thermopylae 2014 - Waiting for wind Day 1

Here are some pictures that from the first day of Thermopylae Regatta. it wasn't surpriseing that no races finished.

The N pennant ( All races that have been started are abandoned), the N over H pennants (All races are abandoned, Further signals ashore) and the N over A pennants ( All races are abandoned No more racing for the today) were all used!!!

The problem was that most of the time these pennants were hanging limply and a little guessing was needed to identify them.

Alga- Y and La Galatea had four races on the second day of the regatta but Peter Coy was concentrating so hard on sailing against Peter Vivian that he forgot about taking photos. We had four keenly contested races and Peter Vivian won all four and will be presented with the Brian Waddingham Trophy again at Awards Night on Saturday November 22nd

NOR 2014



Cal 20 Mainsheet report (by Peter Coy)

Cal 20 skippers and their crews, these days, are learning new lessons as we participate in events is which the use of spinnakers by us is being undertaken more and more often. First it is important to ensure that hulls are in tip top racing condition and that flora and fauna are dealt with regularly. This incidentally,is something that dry sailed sailors do not have to be concerned with. The marine growth we are dealing with appears to be more active these days. Perhaps we can blame this on warming sea water temperatures. It may soon be comfortable to test our man over board skills.

On the first day of THRASH , with a crew of only two, La Galatea took advantage of two men who were waiting in the crew box. One admitted that it had been some time since he had been out racing and the other was a novice. We realised the we were in need of practice ourselves and hoped that what we were about to do would be repaid in getting new crew who would be interested in coming out with us again in the future. Sailing as crew on a Melges appears to be a big attraction these days. Early in the day we were happy to see that that one other Cal 20 was having problems with their spinnaker as well. It is not just the spinnaker which appears to have a will of its own but the multitude of coloured lines also like to enjoy tangling with each other in unpredictable ways. Our pick up crew reported later that it had been a perfect low pressure refresher course and that he would do it again any time. I had done a good job of keeping hidden from him my frustration with all of the things which had gone wrong.

On the second day of racing, again with ideal conditions and an expert race committee, we had the more experienced Trevor Hayward crewing with us instead. We gradually worked our problems establishing who was in charge and who was at fault when things went wrong. Weather wise conditions were perfect for practicing the skills and team work required and putting them to the test. Sailing amongst bigger boats going at full speed with colourful spinnakers is always a thrilling experience and a big part of THRASH. When everything comes together the pleasure that one gets is worth all of the struggle to iron out the multitude of problems and adds an added dimension to racing in one design sail boats, especially vintage ones. In the end it was Tom Lowdon in Kelsib who was awarded the colourful pennant for first. Bob Fuchs in Alga-Y was second and Peter Coy third in La Galatea.


Cal 20 2014 Annual Report by Peter Coy

christmas 2013

Some of us have been around long enough to know that the Cal 20 was new just after Noah was stranded and turfed the animals off the ark. In early June eight of these Cal 20’s gathered on a beautiful sunny day with some breeze to participate in the 38th Cal 20 Canadian Championship regatta in Cadboro Bay.

There were boats from Vancouver, San Juan Island and Tacoma in Washington joining us. Once again Dennis Woodward and his race committee kept us moving through ten races over two days with some challenging start lines which were right on the minimum allowed. Jon Thompson and Debbie Yeend on Willie Tippit, trailered from Tacoma via Anacortes, ended up being the winners just one point ahead of Tom and Steve Lowdon.

Jon had purchased his Cal 20 from a salvage yard for $500 and spent a lot of time and effort in getting it very race ready. Incidentally he was first in the Canadian Champs Regatta last year in Vancouver.

Because of the numbers of us participating in the ATB racing, a one design start for us has not been justified , so we have been starting with the PHRF fleet which has often been started as one fleet. The Cal’s have caused some problems when the wind has been light and the next start has been delayed waiting for the Cal’s to finish. This is a situation which needs some thought.

David Bleakney, our retiring Cal 20 Fleet Captain, has sold his boat Bluebird. This, as some may know, is named after the cars and boats that the Campbell family used to win many world water and land speed records. Also Bluebird has been the winner of the Max Young trophy seven times, more than any other Cal 20.

This Trophy is for the fleet 13 championship regatta and has been awarded every year since 1966, except for two years.

A newcomer to sailboat racing, Jon Watson, is now the proud owner of Bluebird.

The last Cal 20 sailing event of the year is the Spinnaker Series usually held at the beginning of December. This year weather forecasts suggested the we would be dealing with uncertain wind strength and also a wind chill of well below freezing. A report from Peter Vivian of near frostbite in his gloved hands when riding his bike, resulted in a unanimous decision to cancel the event for this year. Subsequently we heard that Mini12 sailing was cancelled that day as well. Weather has been a periodic problem during the year for us.

That evening, however, twenty two of us did have a very enjoyable Cal 20 “a la carte” Christmas dinner in the Chatham Room. We were very sorry to hear that Trevor Hayward had sold his Cal 20 Final Merry to someone in Sooke who going to use it for training purposes. Peter Coy (Sec / Treas).

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