Royal Victoria Yacht Club (RVYC)

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Welcome to the Royal Victoria Yacht Club

 Join the Royal Victoria Yacht Club - fun, friendly and affordable; a place to race; a place to start your cruise; a place to have fun with families and friends; a place to get away! Founded in June 1892, RVYC is the oldest yacht club in western Canada. Programs and facilities in Cadboro Bay include:

  • organized racing (click here for the racing schedule, here for race officer signup, here for crewing opportunities)
  • organized cruising activities (click here for scheduled events);
  • docks with moorage for over 350 boats and dry dock space for dinghies and small keelboats (click here for foreshore information);
  • a marine ways, boat ramp, workshop, change rooms, showers, and laundry;
  • a Clubhouse for members and guests with a lovely waterfront dining room and pub, lounges and rooms for juniors and private functions, including weddings (click here for dining hours and menu information.)

Club facilities in Sidney's Tsehum Harbour include docks with moorage for about 85 boats, a workshop and planned new lounge.


RVYC Latest News

The Fall Dinghy Regatta is coming!

September 27 and 28, 2014. Download the Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions, Registration and waiver here.


RVYC Chili Cook Off!

Join us for a no holds barred, battle Royal between RVYC Executive Chef Andrew Dickinson and Sous Chef Darren Greaves on Friday, September 19, starting at 6pm. Tickets are $10 per person. Please register online to reserve your space today.



RVYC Ladies Perpetrate Fraud by Tibbie Adams

The RVYC Ladies Cruise had their best cruise yet. 11 boats and their intrepid captains sailed across international waters to Roche Harbour for our yearly get together. Trish Lapp impressed everyone by sailing her large boat the whole way across, while others simply motored straight there. Friday night found 40 ladies dressed in pink, wearing costumes and a smile. Best costumes were won by Tara Smith and her crew, adorned in pink sailor outfits, crowned with hot pink sailor hats festooned with sparkling anchors. They kindly supplied pink devilled eggs and pink jello shots which really got the ladies excited. Marri Todd won the nautical quiz that contained difficult navigation and tidal questions. She did not show anyone her answers but announced excitedly, "I won, I won," which proves enthusiasm wins the day.

Saturday saw a variety of activities; some ladies headed to Friday harbour for shopping, others were led on a wild goose chase by Jan Hampton and the author, and fabulously fit Trish Lapp, led her crew on a long cliff climbing walk. Most women spent the afternoon by the pool lounging in the sun. Sonja and Molli, always lots of fun, entertained us with leaping off the dock for a swim and offering yoga classes.

Unfortunately, fraud was perpetrated by the ladies. A large yacht cut off one of our women as they approached the customs wharf, and when the shapely blond chastised the captain for this indiscretion, he offered her a free drink in recompense. She said she would be delighted, and could she bring her friends. He looked over at the small boat with one crew and said, "Sure!" "Excellent," she said, " there will be 40 of us." On Saturday night 40 ladies swarmed the decks of this large yacht and enjoyed watching the sunset ceremonies. The gentleman, somewhat pale and overwhelmed, graciously hosted us and benevolently opened his booze locker, which most regrettably was completely emptied. The kindly captain turned out to be none other than Drew Irwin , the owner of Philbrooks . Thank you Drew!

Many boaters at Roche were extremely impressed with the lady captains. One dad said to his daughters, "I want you to be just like those ladies when you grow up." Another group of men offered free rides next year on their huge racing yacht. Perhaps they are looking for some racing tips from Louise or Heather.

Sunday, the ladies enjoyed donuts on the dock and due to forecast 30 knot winds, quickly made for home across the strait. Certainly it was my worst crossing of Haro. We had 9! freighters in one hour to contend with, as well as 6 foot seas and 24 knots of wind. Waves crashed over the boat, water inches deep poured down the decks, and salt spray rudely hit me in the face. While I gripped the wheel in terror, and with the boat heaving and tossing, one of my gutsy crew, Val Baker, ran forward to untangle a line so we could haul in the sail. The most courageous captain must be Margaret Long whose outboard engine died half way across Haro. After a nasty bump on the head and in waves "the size of boxcars" she leaned over the engine, removed the top, got out her trusty Swiss army knife, removed the toothpick and carefully cleaned salt debris from the engine. The engine fired into life and another lady sailor returned home safely. And so concludes another memorable ladies cruise.


Revised Dining Room Hours
In effect until the end of September

Mondays – Bar Service only after 5pm

Tuesdays – Bar Service only after 5pm

Wednesday – Limited Light Lunch Menu from noon until 2pm (Chartroom & Patio only)
Dinner 5 – 8pm

Thursday – Regular service – Noon until 2pm, Dinner 5 – 8pm

Friday – Regular service - 11:30am to 9pm

Saturday – Limited Light Lunch Menu from noon until 5pm (Chartroom & Patio only)
Dinner from 5pm to 8pm

Sunday – Limited Light Lunch Menu from noon until 5pm (Chartroom & Patio only)
Dinner from 5pm to 8pm


Timelapse Video of RVYC Marina Rebuild at Cadboro Bay

Videos will be updated every several weeks so check back to watch the progress of this historic, environmentally friendly rebuild.


Latest Update September 2nd

August 1st

East Docks

Clubhouse Cam

Clubhouse Cam to July 15th

View of North Docks

View of East Docks

View from Clubhouse


April 24, 2014: Spring is here and so is Opening Day at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club. On April 26th, hundreds of Club members and their guests will gather at the Cadboro Bay Clubhouse to celebrate the ‘official’ start of another boating season.

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April 9, 2014: Royal Victoria Yacht Club’s 35th Annual THRASH Regatta – heads to the starting line in the waters off Cattle Point this Saturday, with distance racing and buoy racing through to Sunday April 13.

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March 5, 2014: Four high performance sailors who are Royal Victoria Yacht Club (RVYC) members have earned national recognition in the 2013 Sail Canada awards celebrated on February 28, 2014 in Toronto.

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