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2018 Board of Directors 


     Office Name  
Flag Officers: Commodore Randy Diamond 
Vice Commodore Roger Hind 
Rear Commodore Connie Morahan   
Immediate Past Commodore Gordon Wilkinson 
Honorary Commodore Bill Conconi  
Board of Directors: Chair Gord Macatee
    David Motherwell
    Tessa Graham
    Kirk Palmer  
Secretary   Bill Ehmann   
Treasurer   John Powell   
Royal Victoria Yacht Club Staff 


Position Name  Telephone
General Manager Simon Gatrell  250-592-2441 x 102
Finance Officer   250-592-2441 x 103
Club Administrator Claire Patterson   250-592-2441
Membership, Marketing & Communications Coordinator Rosie Zurbrigg  250-592-2441 x 115
Foreshore Lead Hand - Cadboro Bay Peter Clark  250-592-3433
Foreshore Crew Dave Robinson
Foreshore Crew Wallace Santos
Foreshore Crew Peter Bates
Foreshore Lead Hand - Tsehum Troy Thompson
Events Coordinator
Sharon Taekema  250-592-2441 x 113
Floor Supervisor
Alejandro Lagos
 250-592-2441 x 104
Sailing Program Coordinator Steve McBride  250-592-6113
Executive Chef Andrew Dickinson  250-592-2441 x 108
Sous Chef & Kitchen Staff Darren Greaves