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RVYC Movie Nights Under the Stars

Mrs. Doubtfire 3


The Club has completed two successful movie nights under the stars. On Saturday, July 15 we played Mrs. Doubtfire on the lawn. Kids...and kids at heart...pulled out the inflatable chairs, blankets, cozy clothes and settled in for a fun evening of laughter and mischeif. Popcorn and candy were provided at the little "concession stand" outside and everyone was able to relax on the soft grass outside. 

 Mrs. Doubtfire  Mrs. Doubtfire 2


On Saturday, July 22 the Club decided to change things up a bit. Movie night was held out on the docks, at the bottom of the ramp, where JAWS was played for all those brave enough to watch. The slight movement of the docks, the lapping of the water and the cool breeze all added to the ambiance of the movie. Movie goers brought their blankets for warmth... and something to hide behind during those hair raising moments! 



We look forward to more movie nights under the stars - stay tuned to find out what...and where... we'll be playing next!