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Cadboro Bay Beach Clean-Up

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Photos courtesy of Anne Wortman


The Cadboro Bay Beach clean-up happened on Saturday, May 13. Eric Dahli, President, Cadboro Bay residents Association wrote this great article about the day:

On a sunny Saturday, on the 13th of May, we made the Bay a better place for the kids to play. Over 60 volunteers from our Residents Association, The Oak Bay Community Association, The Royal Victoria Yacht Club, Surf Riders and the Veins of Life Watershed Society made the day an overwhelming success.

The day started with our Emergency Preparedness Committee setting up a command tent on the beach, handing  out safety equipment to all the volunteers and, following a safety briefing, sent us down the beach to the derelict boats, armed with shovels, garbage boxes and bags and a resolve to clean up the mess. 

Oak Bay Municipality provided a `farm tractor' and a trailer to move the 4 ½ tons of garbage and junk to the large bin set up in the corner of the park.  Saanich Municipality, in a neighbourly gesture, provided the 10`X10` command tent, the safety vests, gloves and other safety equipment including traffic cones.

The next step in the process will be to secure the funding necessary for “C-Tow" to drag the derelict boats over to the Royal Victoria Yacht Club where volunteers will lift them out of the water with their crane, and load them on trucks provided by Ralmax. 

Stay tuned for an announcement on the Haul-away Day.

A special thanks to all the RVYC volunteers