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St. Patrick's Day at RVYC

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Top O’ the morning to you! St. Patrick’s Day at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club was a blast! From the littlest sailor plunking down right in front of the band to catch all the action, to the lively members playing spoons to the beat of the cello, we had a very diverse, active, entertaining and engaging group of members and guests attend this exciting event.

Dusty and band mate, from The Harbour Rats, played traditional Celtic music for the evening in our Main Lounge, while members enjoyed pints of Guinness, glasses of wine and some delicious and hearty Irish Stew. I can also say myself, the stew prepared by Chef Andrew Dickinson and dumplings by Sous Chef Darren Greaves were absolutely delicious!

Sharon decorated the club with shamrocks, St. Patrick’s Day signs, and bright green napkins. She even donned a pair of flashing green shamrock earrings that were perfect for the occasion.

Each member that signed up for the event received a free glass of beer, red or white wine and the dance party in the Main Lounge. I believe all members showed up in some sort of green article of clothing or accessory – and some really dressed the part! Therefore, pinching was not necessary. 

As I left, the club was buzzing with energy, lots of laughs and plenty clinking glasses. I look forward to what the club has to offer next year!

If you’d like to see a video of The Harbour Rats playing, check out the club Facebook page by clicking here