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Ladies' Cocktail Making Class


On Saturday, February 25, Georgia from Devine Wines & Spirits joined 44 Lady Members and their guests at the first RVYC Ladies Cocktail Making Class.

When the ladies first arrived, they were greeted with a delicious "Devine Punch" which consisted of:
- Chilled Earl Grey Tea
- Victoria Soda Works Morley Lemonade
- Devine New Tom Gin  

The punch was a hit (and delicious)! Georgia got a chance to introduce herself to the ladies as they arrived, then directed them towards the local vendors who had some very talented crafts on display. The ladies then made their way to Caitlin who was giving out free hand massages. I couldn't help but overhear the ladies rave about how soft their hands felt!


IMG 3312 hand massage


Finally, the ladies grabbed a plate of nibblies, consisting of veggies, fruits, cheeses, breads and crackers then took a seat. When everyone had arrived, Georgia was able to begin her class. 

The night started with the Vin Gin Martini, which consisted of:
- Devine Vin Gin
- Devine Moderna Vermouth
- Fever Tree Tonic
- Grapefruit peel garnish  

Georgia explained how to make the cocktail and some fun facts to go along with it. As the ladies watched, the staff served the drinks to everyone.

Next up was the Sitka Vodka Lemonade, which consisted of:
- Sitka Vodka
- Victoria Soda Works Morley Lemonade
- Fever Tree Soda
- Rosemary Sprig

new tom serving

Finally, the last course was the Devine Pomme Old Fashioned, which consisted of:
- Pomme
- Agnostura Bitters
- Cinnamon Simple Syrup
- Apple Slice
- Cinnamon   

Georgia explained how to make the Simple Syrup, and the fact that she started with the least potent tasting drink and made her way to the strongest. This allows the pallet to experiene each taste efficiently and fully. 

The night ended with the ladies asking plenty of questions, and a raffle for an orchid and an RVYC sweater. 

If you'd like to try out these cocktails - or forgot to grab your recipe book - click here to see the cocktail recipes.