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Island Farms Santa's Light Parade

We had so much fun at our first attendance at the Island Farms Santa's Light Parade on Saturday, November 26, 2016. 

Our club truck and boat were decked with hundreds of lights, and the Grinch stood tall at the front without taking flight! The music was festive and bright, while the children waved to the crowds with all their might. Hundreds of lollipops were handed out to the eager hands, while a man in a Santa hat danced for all the fans. We couldn't thank our volunteers enough, with all that rain they really were tough!

Our float consisted of the Club truck decked out in lights with a large RVYC sign on the front. The truck was pulling a power boat with a large 8' Grinch on the bow, children in the stern and a moose in a kayak on the swimgrid! We even had blue lights to make it look like the boat was in water. Next year we hope to use a sailboat, we'll just have to 'shorten the mast' to conform to height restrictions. 

A big Thank You goes out to Andrew Mathews who not only let us use his boat for our float, but helped to decorate and drove the truck in the parade! Another big Thank You to the RVYC Foreshore team, especially Wallace who helped to decorate and 'undecorate' the club truck, all with a smile and to Peter Bates who also assisted. 

Finally, thank you to the members who helped with decorating and participating in the parade. It wouldn't have been the same without the participation of our members representing the club.  Next year we hope to make our float even better! Stay tuned for notifications.

If you missed the parade, you can check us out here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91bI14k6f7A We are at 38:24. CHEK TV will also be airing the parade on December 4 at 6pm and on Christmas Day.

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