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John & Jackie win SILVER at the Rio Paralympics

john and jackie silver 2

After 6 days of sailing and a total of eleven races, John and Jackie have secured the Silver medal at the 2016 Rio Paralympics! 

There were a few white knuckled moments and plenty of cheering after every race, but we can't wait to congratulate the team in person when they return to Victoria. 

A report done by the Globe and Mail before the final race was finished, was published with John saying, “First five minutes after a race, there might be a few words shared,” ... “That happens with any team. And then you realize that you have to spend the rest of your life together too, and you go ‘Okay, I might have to apologize for something I said there."

“It’s been a life lesson. Or 20,” [Jackie] laughed.

For the full report, click here.

Bruce Millar also fought hard at the 2016 Paralympics, securing the 10th position overall with 16 entries in the 2.4mR fleet. Bruce sailed over 5 days (day two was rescheduled due to lack of wind) and 11 races. 

Congratulations teams! GO CANADA GO!!