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Cadboro Bay 26 - Zig Zag

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I had the chance to snag Vidas Stukas away from the growing crowd of onlookers, thunderbird enthusiasts, excited members and crew mates to learn about the new Cadboro Bay 26, Zig Zag

Vidas explains they took the top off an old Thunderbird in February, removed the cabin, pushed the mast back a couple inches from where it used to be, and they wanted swept back spreaders.  

Vidas then described the difference in Zig Zag, as compared to Owl, his old Thunderbird; “[We] took the uppers and moved them to the aft lowers, so in effect moved them back 18 inches, and what this does is triangulate the rig and makes the long part of the mast stiffer. And by taking the jumpers off, we actually now have a mast that is actually quite flexible at the top and depowers easily but meanwhile we have a foresight tension that has maintained a rig tension and mainsheet tension. So this actually allows depowering the rig under choppier and heavier conditions but yet allowing you to deploy. This is actually rare”.

Vidas continues to say “during Owl’s experiment, changing from a standard T-Bird, with these changes, roughly around $500 in used sails and $50 in aluminum, we chopped 10 – 11% in speed around the course. So basically 5-7 minutes in a 50 minute race”.

Vidas and his team hoisted Zig Zag off the trailer, and lowered it to just the right angle for Vidas to christen the boat with a pinch of sailor’s rum, then they lowered her down to the ocean for her first floating test. 

It was a resounding success!! Zig Zag comfortably floated while Vidas and wife, Hilary happily smiled for the camera from within the Cadboro Bay 26. 

We can’t wait to see how she does in a race! 

P.S. Next time you see Vidas, ask how many names they went through before deciding on Zig Zag - there were quite a few contenders! 

The interview can be found here, on our YouTube page: https://youtu.be/AkvVzCLMmY0

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