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Another Movie Night Success

star wars Testing the equipment before showtime

RVYC hosted another movie night on Saturday, August 27th. Although this was meant to be a movie under the stars, it turned out to be a cozy night in. With 20 knot winds and cooling weather, the climate was a little more fitting for a sailing race than a late night outside on the patio. Not to worry though, the staff quickly went into action, moved the AV equipment inside, pulled the movie screen down, set up the couches and lounge chairs and connected the house sound system for a real movie experience.

We played Star Wars, The Force Awakens to about 20 movie goers, who loved the cozy, indoor seating. The booming sound of the action flick also attracted members in the restaurant and bar who strolled over for the full dinner and movie night experience.

Our movie series will be moving inside from now on. Check back often to see when the next one will be!