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RVYC Family Camp Out Recap

IMG 0210

The RVYC Family Camp Out was a great success. The night all started with members arriving on the lawn to set up their tents, mattresses and chairs. The kids played on the club playground, ran around on the lawn with their friends and “helped” their parents set up their campsites. 

At 7:30 pm, the Hot Dogs and Fries were ready to go. Alejandro, Bella and Dalton provided exceptional service re-stocking the BBQ station, serving the members and ensuring all members were happy and well taken care of. Next up was the Smores Station. While the cookies, chocolate and marshmallows were being prepared, the children waited anxiously to get their fingers on their sweet treats. Parents and children alike, grabbed their marshmallow pokers, gathered around the campfire (a propane campfire set up at the entrance to the patio), and created their personal smores. There were a few fiery marshmallows that snuck their way in there, but they were quickly extinguished and still tasted delicious!

IMG 0211

IMG 0226

The smores station continued for about 45 minutes, then once the sun went down it was time for the outdoor movie! Freshly popped popcorn was brought out for everyone to enjoy, glow sticks glowed in the night on the children’s wrists, and blankets for purchase were available.. The Incredibles played through the projector onto a sheet hung from the patio tent. The picture quality was perfect, the sound was loud and captivating and the children and parents were entrapped in the night’s entertainment. 

IMG 0239

The campfire continued to burn into the night, where the older kids hung out and told stories to one another. A game of flashlight tag was played on the lawn and everyone settled in for a comfortable sleep.

The next morning, the pancake breakfast was a big hit! Chef, Andrew Dickinson cooked pancakes for all campers to enjoy. Then everyone packed up their gear and headed home. 

We heard plenty of thank you’s, let’s do this again!, and when’s the next one!? Well, we want to thank everyone that attended this event, and all involved in its success. We hope to make this an annual event and possibly host more movie nights in the future. 

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Some more photos from the night:

IMG 0231 IMG 0205

IMG 2421

20160820 192328  IMG 0232

20160820 201332