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Max Gallant - Sailor of the Month

max gallant

Our Paralympians aren't the only ones taking the world by storm - Max Gallant has just been named the Sailor of the Month by Sail Canada.

Max shined the brightest out of many hopeful sailors competing for glory:

"Max placed 6th in the U21 Laser World Championships in Kiel, Germany. This stand-out performance is a product of Max’s full-time dedication and commitment to sailing. As a developing athlete, Max hopes to build off of the momentum of this victory, and use it as a stepping stone in the remainder of his sailing career. “This year has been an amazing year with selection to The Canadian sailing team to help fuel my efforts towards better and better performances. My progression through the year followed a trend of peaks and valleys as I am still learning to peak at the right times.” Max is praised for his excellent work ethic, and willingness to help others. “This fall my training will have a heavy emphasis on fitness in order to provide me with a platform to work from when I compete in European events this spring.”"

Read the full article here: http://www.sailing.ca/sailor-of-the-month-max-gallant-p199595 


Paralympic Opening Ceremonies

We would like to send out a massive Congratulations to John and Jackie McRoberts and Bruce Millar, our paralympian sailors who attended the Paralympic Opening Ceremonies on Wednesday, September 7th in Rio. They very joyfully waved as they entered the arena for Canada with all of the other paralympians.

RVYC members watched anxiously in the Chartoom Bar to see their friends on the big screen, and were not disappointed!

Steve McBride, our Head Sailing Coach is with the team in Rio to assist in their journey to Gold. Let's all keep cheering them on! GO CANADA GO!!

john and jackie at para opening 
John and Jackie McRoberts at the Opening Ceremonies

steve para opening
Coach, Steve McBride at the Opening Ceremonies

bruce millar
Bruce Millar getting ready to head to the Opening Ceremonies


Another Movie Night Success

star wars Testing the equipment before showtime

RVYC hosted another movie night on Saturday, August 27th. Although this was meant to be a movie under the stars, it turned out to be a cozy night in. With 20 knot winds and cooling weather, the climate was a little more fitting for a sailing race than a late night outside on the patio. Not to worry though, the staff quickly went into action, moved the AV equipment inside, pulled the movie screen down, set up the couches and lounge chairs and connected the house sound system for a real movie experience.

We played Star Wars, The Force Awakens to about 20 movie goers, who loved the cozy, indoor seating. The booming sound of the action flick also attracted members in the restaurant and bar who strolled over for the full dinner and movie night experience.

Our movie series will be moving inside from now on. Check back often to see when the next one will be! 


'Flying the Flag for Canada' Raffle  


TeamUCAN2 (John McRoberts & Jackie Gay) would like to thank all the members who bought tickets for the raffle and donated to their Skud 18 Paralympic sailing campaign.  

The draw was made at Floyd night, with the first winning ticket 2227659 (men's jacket) won by Jeremy Smith. The second winning ticket 2227647 was won by Alex Fox, who re-donated the women's jacket for auction and we raised a further $225! Thanks Alex and auction winner Chris Stooksbury-Klaibert.   

By the time you read this our brand new Canada flag spinnaker will be flying in Guanabara Bay. We raised the full $2500 cost of the spinnaker and so have donated John's limited edition Olympic hiking pants to Max Gallant to inspire him in his efforts as RVYC's newest member of the Canadian Sailing Team. Go Max. Go RVYC!  

For the many people who asked how they could follow the racing in Rio, please check our Facebook page where Jackie will post the latest information on how to watch:  


Also check:   

and http://www.paralympic.ca/  

CBC will be broadcasting the Opening Ceremonies at 6pm ET on 7th September (we will be waving!) and a reporting daily, as well as broadcasting online at cbcsports.ca/paralympics  

We are really hoping that some reporters get down to the Marina. All three Canadian Teams have podium potential so keep your fingers crossed and good energies coming our way. Watch the spinnaker that YOU donated to leading the pack away from Sugar Loaf!  

Big love & thanks  
John & Jackie 

Cheer on John, Jackie and Bruce during the Opening Ceremonies - which we will play in the Chartroom Bar at 3:30 pm on Wednesday, September 7th. 

para Opening Ceremonies


RVYC Paralympic Send Off

paralympic send off Photo Courtesy of Andrew Mathews

With excitement, and maybe a little anxiousness, the RVYC Paralympians are getting ready to head to Rio for the 2016 Paralympics!

Members and their guests joined together on Wednesday, August 24th to raise a glass and to congratulate John and Jackie McRoberts and Bruce Millar on their incredible journey and the road they have ahead of them. 

John and Jackie will be sailing their SKUD 18, while Bruce Millar will be sailing in the 2.4 mR class. 

The team arrived in a convoy of cars with horns honking and music playing. DJ Daddy Mack entertained everyone with his lively music, The Zone was on site and CHEK News filmed the team's arrival - we will post the article once we receive it. 

Good Luck John, Jackie and Bruce! GO CANADA GO!!

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