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Island Farms Santa's Light Parade

We had so much fun at our first attendance at the Island Farms Santa's Light Parade on Saturday, November 26, 2016. 

Our club truck and boat were decked with hundreds of lights, and the Grinch stood tall at the front without taking flight! The music was festive and bright, while the children waved to the crowds with all their might. Hundreds of lollipops were handed out to the eager hands, while a man in a Santa hat danced for all the fans. We couldn't thank our volunteers enough, with all that rain they really were tough!

Our float consisted of the Club truck decked out in lights with a large RVYC sign on the front. The truck was pulling a power boat with a large 8' Grinch on the bow, children in the stern and a moose in a kayak on the swimgrid! We even had blue lights to make it look like the boat was in water. Next year we hope to use a sailboat, we'll just have to 'shorten the mast' to conform to height restrictions. 

A big Thank You goes out to Andrew Mathews who not only let us use his boat for our float, but helped to decorate and drove the truck in the parade! Another big Thank You to the RVYC Foreshore team, especially Wallace who helped to decorate and 'undecorate' the club truck, all with a smile and to Peter Bates who also assisted. 

Finally, thank you to the members who helped with decorating and participating in the parade. It wouldn't have been the same without the participation of our members representing the club.  Next year we hope to make our float even better! Stay tuned for notifications.

If you missed the parade, you can check us out here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91bI14k6f7A We are at 38:24. CHEK TV will also be airing the parade on December 4 at 6pm and on Christmas Day.

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Eleven BC marinas prepare for marine oil spill


By: Georgia Straight Alliance, Suncruiser Media

Eleven marinas, all members of Georgia Strait Alliance’s Clean Marine BC program, participated in a theoretical and practical marine oil spill response training session yesterday at False Creek Fishermen’s Wharf in Vancouver. Participating marinas refreshed their knowledge and honed their planning and preparation skills to be able to effectively deal with and respond to a small-scale marine oil spill, which involved a mock spill at a moored vessel.  

“This is the first spill training session that we’ve ever organized for marinas as part of our Clean Marine BCprogram.” says Christianne Wilhelmson, Executive Director of Georgia Strait Alliance. “Now these eleven facilities are better equipped to execute coordinated, effective, and quick responses if a spill happens at their dock or boatyard which is so important because a competent marine spill response can mitigate the harm caused by oil and fuel entering our water.”  

“We’re a busy commercial fishing harbour, and spills can happen,” says Mike Loy, Harbour Manager of False Creek Harbour Authority. “It’s our job to be ready to react. For me, the practical element in yesterday’s training was extremely valuable; we’ll be taking some new knowledge and skills back to our harbour.”  

Personnel from the following Clean Marine BC-certified or enrolled marinas, yacht clubs and boatyards participated in the full-day spill training session:  

  • Canoe Cove Marina & Boatyard
  • False Creek Fishermen's Wharf
  • False Creek Fuels
  • Granville Island Maritime Market & Marina
  • Ladysmith Maritime Society Marina
  • Royal Vancouver Yacht Club – Jericho and Coal Harbour
  • Royal Victoria Yacht Club
  • Stones Boatyard
  • Vancouver Marina
  • West Vancouver Yacht Club  

The roles the 20 participants play at their own facilities range from general, wharfage and marina managers to dock hands, foreshore leads, wharfingers, and dock maintenance technicians. The session was facilitated by Global Stratagem Consulting and hosted by False Creek Harbour Authority, with the support of Georgia Strait Alliance.


For more information on the Clean Marine BC program, please click here


Paralympic Appreciation Night

On Wednesday, November 9, we as a club and as a community, expressed our sincere congratulations and excitments for our Paralympians. Bruce, John and Jackie received applause from many attendees at the club itself, as well as 'virtual' applause by anyone that watched our live Facebook broadcast of the evening's presentations.

Commodore, Dunnery Best and Past Commodore, Gus Whitmore presented each Paralympian with a beautifully framed photo of themselves at the Rio 2016 Paralympics with a plaque. As each Paralympian received their gift, they each recounted stories of their experiences getting to Rio, the hard work, dedication and all the support they received in their journies. Finally, they were presented with an updated Wall of Racing Excellence, where John and Bruce's photos were updated, and Jackie was added. The Wall of Racing Excellence can be found in the Main Lounge, by the fireplace 

Racing Wall of Excellence

Bruce gave a heartwarming speech of his hard work and dedication and gave a very moving and loving gesture of great gratitude to his wife, Barbara who has helped him throughout the years and has never given up on him or his dreams. 

John and Jackie told stories of their experiences mostly at the Rio 2016 Paralympics, and John created a very vivid picture of the historic final day where they achieved the Silver Medal.

Finally, Dunnery and Gus presented a gift to Head Coach, Steve McBride for an incredible job well done and his recent award from the BC Sailing Association for Coaching Excellence.

If you missed the presentation, a live recording can be found on our Facebook page here.


Paddler's Night

The Paddlers had their annual Dinner and Presentation night on November 17, 2016. All attendees were surprised with a little presentation by Chris Daley, who showed a clip of the wolf on Discovery Island howling into the wind. It was quite the sight to see!

Around 45 people attended a delicious gourmet hot dog dinner with all the fixings. And when I say all the fixings, I mean it! We had three different types of buns, three types of meat, pineapple relish, caramelized onions, crispy shallots, crunchy julienne corn tortilla, cheddar cheese, hot sauce, green relish, ketchup, mustard, mayo, fresh basil, jalapenos, bacon bits, and the list goes on. 

Everyone enjoyed their hot dog dinner while engaging in conversation. When everyone was finished eating their meals, a flurry of activity started to happen. Chairs were being brought out from the storage closet, lounge chairs were being brought forward from the main foyer, and couches were being moved so we could fit the extra crowd of attendees that arrived for Ian Hinkle’s presentation! Ian told us about the movie we were about to watch, which was one he did 20 years ago over a three month paddle along the Inside Passage, which was commissioned by the Discovery Channel. The movie was called ‘The Living Coast’ and was not only very informative, but visually stunning. Still today, many of the lessons taught echo in today’s economy and environmental landscape. After the movie, Ian answered a few questions that were tickling our minds as we watched. 

A big thank you to Anne Daley for organizing this event, and executing a very successful evening. Well done! 

20161117 201110 IMG 3149


2016 RVYC Thermopylae Regatta

What a weekend for Thermopylae! 

The 2016 Thermopylae Regatta saw a wonderful turnout with 7 entrants in the Melges 24 Divison, 5 boats in the M242 Division, 9 boats in the ATB PHRF 1 Division, 6 boats in the ATB PHRF 2 Division, and 8 boats in the Distance PHRF 1 Division! 

Friday started with a lively group registering for the regatta, enjoying a burger and beer special and being entertained by a live Jazz Trio led by Edie DaPonte. 

Saturday started off with a very excited group of racers all ready to head out. All fleets started their races on what felt like a gusty day; however, the wind decided to die right down, causing the Race Management Committee to abandon all races for the day.

20161001 095621

Everyone headed back to the Club, and went straight to the bar for a drink and fun camaraderie while they awaited the dinner and entertainment. All racers enjoyed a delicious meal then listened to Bruce, John and Jackie tell their story about their experience in Rio for the 2016 Paralympic Games and their road to the Silver Medal in SKUD sailing for John and Jackie. Steve also presented his experiences to the eager crowd. The Paralympians were given a standing ovation from a very excited crowd, and John and Jackie even showed off their medals!

IMG 2774 IMG 2775

Sunday looked up, weather wise. With a steady 5 knots of wind blowing through the bay, all fleets raced multiple races and put themselves on the leader board. I got a chance to head out on a member’s boat to enjoy the excitement right from the water!

Once all the races were finished, everyone headed back to the clubhouse. Volvo Sailing happily presented a cheque to the Junior Program for $500 to Commodore, Dunnery Best to another standing ovation! 

All race results are available on the website, here: http://www.rvyc.bc.ca/index.php/racing-overview/race-results/view-race-results.html but the big winners were:

Distance PHRF 1 Division:  Nigel Martin, Bulletproof – 1st

Melges 24 Division:  Wet Coast Sailing Team, Sunnyvale – 1st

M242 Division:  Liane Kern, Crantini – 1st

ATB PHRF 1 Division:  Mike Turner, Off the Chart – 1st

ATB PHRF 2 Division:  Simone Walker, Peptide – 1st

Congratulations to all racers!

A BIG Thank You to UK Sailmakers for their sponsorship and Stuart Dahlgren who chaired the event, Trotac Marine for their Sponsorship and Volvo Sailing for being the title sponsor. We couldn’t have done this event without all of their support!

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