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Car Trunk Sale at RVYC

car trunk sale 2 car trunk sale


RVYC's first Car Trunk Sale was a success! The parking lot was full, with about 20 cars selling anything  from marine equipment to record players. The only downside to this event was the weather just didn't want to cooperate. Luckily, our members are used to a little rain shower here and there and stuck it out to make some great deals.

Many members made off with steals to say the least. I know I walked away with a car roof rack for only $10! Can't say no to that. The rain hindered the participation only a little, with plenty of passers-by walking in from the streets, parents of sailing team kids taking a look after dropping off their kids, and members popping by to see what's good. 

A few tables were raising funds for different charitable campaigns such as the Paralympics and Junior Sailing. Thank you for helping out! Also, all participants paid $10 to register their parking spot of which 50% is going towards Junior Sailing Programs and 50% is going towards the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue.

Thank you everyone who came out, and made this event a success. We hope to do this again soon, when the weather is bit better!


Inaugural CanAm 2.4mR Regatta Series

by Jackie Gay

Inaugural CanAm
Photo courtesy of Roger Strube. L-R Jackie (CAN 23) Louise (covering Peter Wood in CAN 14), Mike Hren, Bruce Millar


The CanAm 2.4mR series has been running on the west coast of Florida since December and this March three RVYC members - Bruce Millar, Jackie Gay and Louise Anstey -  travelled south for the finale.

An excellent fleet of 18 boats including Olympians, Paralympians, the Open World Champion along with Canadian and American National Champions raced at Charlotte Harbor Yacht Club from 24-26 March.

The first day was breezy with Allan Leibel from NYC going well until the second race when he broke his gooseneck, giving Paralympic Silver medallist Jackie Gay an opportunity to take her first bullet in a fleet of this calibre. With two other breakdowns and no discards the challenge was on to keep letters to the minimum. 

Saturday's racing wind was lighter and shiftier. Close racing ensued with Mike Hren from NYC taking the first race and then the Paralympic flagged sails of Bruce Millar (CAN) and Dee Smith (USA) fighting it out for the second race with Dee finishing just ahead. GBR's Megan Pascoe was close behind with a 2,3,4 for the day. Louise Anstey was the talk of the fleet in her first big regatta, consistently finishing inside the top 10.

On Sunday it looked as if the gradient breeze would die but Race Officer Dr Roger Strube did a great job to get three races in. It was light air with the tide running strong & Dee collected three bullets from the day with Megan, Allan, Bruce & Darrell making it difficult for him. Darrell Suderman from NYC took the regatta with consistent sailing throughout and the overall series was won by Allan.

The class would like to thank all at Charlotte Harbor Yacht Club for a fabulous event and supporting our racing with great hospitality and warm welcome - we really did feel like long lost friends. Despite the sad loss of Paralympic sailing, the 2.4mR fleets are growing across the North American continent and the series was a huge success which we aim to build on next year. World class racing in Florida over the winter anyone?

1st Darrell Suderman, National Yacht Club
2nd Bruce Millar, RVYC
3rd Dee Smith, STC
4th Megan Pascoe, Weymouth Bay SC
5th Mike Hren, Ashbridges Bay YC
6th Allan Leibel, NYC
7th Jackie Gay, RVYC
8th Louise Anstey, RVYC
9th Tony Pocklington, CHYC
10th Peter Wood, Nepean SC
11th Peter Eagar, NYC
12th Tim Ripley, Sail Newport
13th Janice Foscarini, NYC
14th David Foscarini, NYC
15th Christine Lavallee, Nepean SC
16th Alain Dubuc, PCYC
17th Kevin Holmberg, Davis Islands YC
18th Audrey Kobayashi, KIngston YC 


St. Patrick's Day at RVYC

St. Pats Maya IMG 3396 IMG 3397


Top O’ the morning to you! St. Patrick’s Day at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club was a blast! From the littlest sailor plunking down right in front of the band to catch all the action, to the lively members playing spoons to the beat of the cello, we had a very diverse, active, entertaining and engaging group of members and guests attend this exciting event.

Dusty and band mate, from The Harbour Rats, played traditional Celtic music for the evening in our Main Lounge, while members enjoyed pints of Guinness, glasses of wine and some delicious and hearty Irish Stew. I can also say myself, the stew prepared by Chef Andrew Dickinson and dumplings by Sous Chef Darren Greaves were absolutely delicious!

Sharon decorated the club with shamrocks, St. Patrick’s Day signs, and bright green napkins. She even donned a pair of flashing green shamrock earrings that were perfect for the occasion.

Each member that signed up for the event received a free glass of beer, red or white wine and the dance party in the Main Lounge. I believe all members showed up in some sort of green article of clothing or accessory – and some really dressed the part! Therefore, pinching was not necessary. 

As I left, the club was buzzing with energy, lots of laughs and plenty clinking glasses. I look forward to what the club has to offer next year!

If you’d like to see a video of The Harbour Rats playing, check out the club Facebook page by clicking here



The Seattle Yacht Club Opening Day Cruise

 SYC  DSC 0056

Royal Victoria Yacht Club has enjoyed attending SYC Opening Day for many years, our members have formed good friendships between the clubs and enjoyed the cruise with fellow members.  

The Royal Victoria Yacht Club group watches the weather closely as the date approaches, if all looks good to cross, we sail from RVYC to Port Townsend on the Monday following our Opening Day. The group clears customs and moors overnight at Point Hope. This little boat haven is protected by a pile breakwater and is home to the Wooden Boat Museum and their lovely flag ship Martha. The historic Port Townsend High Street and shops are fun to explore, and grocery store located up the hill for provisions and wonderful local ice cream. 

Day two 2 the group heads south down Puget Sound with the destination Port Madison. SYC has very kindly hosted both RVYC and Royal Vancouver Yacht Club at their lovely outstation. A social evening that night, with members from the three clubs.

Day three we leave Port Madison early for the short trip across to Shilshole and the Ballard Locks.

Day Four starts the festivities at SYC with a Ladies’ Lunch, Men's Lunch, visits to the famous Fisheries Supply and enjoying the lovely hospitality of SYC.  

Day five is the famous RVYC North of the Boarder party! But first, the optional formal Friday lunch at SYC, Commode Cup Race between the Commodores, and the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club Mai Tai dock party.  The evening ends with dancing the night away in the upstairs bar.

Friday lunch always features a theme dessert. Last year was the Myths and Monsters year.

SYC impresses every year with wonderful decorations!

Day six, Sail Past day is like nothing you have ever seen. Impressive University crew rowing races follow the morning formal flag raising, recognizing all the clubs. Sail past is organized into many categories, RVYC has traditionally participated in both the Decorated Spirit group class and the Wilson Seamanship class. Much organizing happens between the members leading up to this day, practicing maneuvers and creating decorations to fit with the Opening Day theme.

Last year our group was successful in presenting a perfect routine for the Wilson Entry and we happily returned to the club with the cannon, this is proudly displayed in the Chartroom.

This is an adventure cruise with lots of social parties and all the wonderful pomp and ceremony of Opening Day!  

Posting submitted by: Tara Smith


Ladies' Cocktail Making Class


On Saturday, February 25, Georgia from Devine Wines & Spirits joined 44 Lady Members and their guests at the first RVYC Ladies Cocktail Making Class.

When the ladies first arrived, they were greeted with a delicious "Devine Punch" which consisted of:
- Chilled Earl Grey Tea
- Victoria Soda Works Morley Lemonade
- Devine New Tom Gin  

The punch was a hit (and delicious)! Georgia got a chance to introduce herself to the ladies as they arrived, then directed them towards the local vendors who had some very talented crafts on display. The ladies then made their way to Caitlin who was giving out free hand massages. I couldn't help but overhear the ladies rave about how soft their hands felt!


IMG 3312 hand massage


Finally, the ladies grabbed a plate of nibblies, consisting of veggies, fruits, cheeses, breads and crackers then took a seat. When everyone had arrived, Georgia was able to begin her class. 

The night started with the Vin Gin Martini, which consisted of:
- Devine Vin Gin
- Devine Moderna Vermouth
- Fever Tree Tonic
- Grapefruit peel garnish  

Georgia explained how to make the cocktail and some fun facts to go along with it. As the ladies watched, the staff served the drinks to everyone.

Next up was the Sitka Vodka Lemonade, which consisted of:
- Sitka Vodka
- Victoria Soda Works Morley Lemonade
- Fever Tree Soda
- Rosemary Sprig

new tom serving

Finally, the last course was the Devine Pomme Old Fashioned, which consisted of:
- Pomme
- Agnostura Bitters
- Cinnamon Simple Syrup
- Apple Slice
- Cinnamon   

Georgia explained how to make the Simple Syrup, and the fact that she started with the least potent tasting drink and made her way to the strongest. This allows the pallet to experiene each taste efficiently and fully. 

The night ended with the ladies asking plenty of questions, and a raffle for an orchid and an RVYC sweater. 

If you'd like to try out these cocktails - or forgot to grab your recipe book - click here to see the cocktail recipes.