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Club Boats

RVYC owns a number of boats which are used to support the Learn to Sail Program, Race Teams and the pleasure of the membership.  Certain boats are used only in the specified programs and others can be used for personal use and this will be explained below. There are no costs to use the boats. Please see Criteria for Use of Club-owned Dinghies Policy. 

Oppie Prams

These are roto-moulded plastic; almost indestructible; small one to two child sailboats. Based on the popular Optimist Dinghy these are designed with the true novice and sailing school in mind. These boats are easy to right after a capsize and are almost indestructible. They are used in the Learn to Sail program for our Opti Wet Feet, Opti Basic and CANSail Basic courses.

Optimist Dinghies

The Club has a fleet of Optimist Dinghies used for our Learn to Sail Program and our Opti Race Team. The Optimist is the most popular boat in the world and is the boat that most young sailors will start in. Raced internationally by sailors up to 15 years old (145lbs) the Optimist is the perfect platform for young sailors to race locally and up to the worlds level.


The Club has a fleet of Bytes that are no longer raced extensively. At one time, these were the most popular, non-Optimist class boat in Canada for young and small adult sailors drawing huge fleets at CORK and other national events. Designed by Bruce Kirby, of Laser fame, it was everything that should have gone into the laser but didn't. The club keeps two boats at our Outstation in Long Harbour for families and adults to play and race and we have three at the Cadboro Bay location.

Club 420's

The Club has two fleets of Club 420 sail boats. They are 4.2 meters long, two person dinghies. Half of the fleet is rigged for basic sailing (jib and main) while the other half is rigged for advanced sailing and racing (with Spinnaker and trapeze). With the basic rigging they are great platforms for our intro courses as well as the racing sailors not yet progressed enough for spinnaker and trapeze. With spinnaker and trapeze they are ready for BC Circuit Racing and our Advanced Learn to Sail programs. Used in the Club Learn to Sail, School league sailing, fleet and team racing regattas in the summer and throughout the year.

29er Sailboats

The Club owns a few High Performance 29er skiffs. These high energy, unstable and fun asymmetric spinnaker boats are the hot rods of our dinghy fleet. For the advanced skilled youth and smaller adults they are great platforms for racing and blasting around the bay. Due to the fragile nature of these boats they are not available for charter to the general membership. 

Club Martin 242's

The Club M242's are available for charter through our small keelboat program. They are used in our Learn to Sail program as well. These 24 foot boats are the most popular symmetric keelboat fleet at the club. Raced extensively by many on Vancouver Island and in Vancouver. A challenging boat to race it is also ideal for day sailing around the local waters of Cadboro and Oak Bay. Short overnight trips to nearby destinations are also a favorite pastime for these boats. Please book online.

For more information on renting the Club Martin 242's click here.

Learn how to rig the Martin 242 jib here

Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP)

The Stand up paddle boards are available to members at no charge. Please book them online. 

Mini 12

These small keel boats are miniature 12 metre boats that are steered with your feet.  They are used by the Mini 12 fleet whose members either own their own boat or rent one of the club boats for the season.  The fleet is competitive but also has a strong social aspect to it.  It is a great way for new members to get involved and meet people. 

Coach Boats and Support Vessels

The Club maintains a fleet of coach boats and support vessels that work in our Learn to Sail Program, our Racing Programs and our Race Team Programs.

They are not avauilable for charter. The boats are scheduled through the sailing office and the foreshore for the various events, regattas and activities throughout the year. 

Special Interest Groups

RVYC is a club where the members decide how the club is to be used.  As such a number of special interest groups have been set up which take advantage of the facilities.  These include a couple of bicycling groups, a knitting group, a bridge club and a gardening group.  What would you like to see?


A key benefit of the club is the organized cruises.  There are two basic types, local cruises which are done on long weekends and the longer, more adventurous summer cruises.  In either case they provide a destination and organized activities to be enjoyed with your existing friends or with the new ones you'll meet. 

The local cruises generally go to marinas in the area so that people don't have to take time off of work to participate.

The summer cruises take the participants much further afield.  A final destination is established and rendezvous points and dates are set so that participants can gather periodically along the way.  It is a great way to go where you may never have gone before with the comfort of travelling with others but with the amount of independence you want.

The cruising committee also organizes regular dinners at the club where speakers come and tell of their cruising adventures around the world.


Within the club there is an active kayaking fleet that is always looking for more members.  On a weekly basis they pack lunches, meet at a designated starting point and head out for a few hours on the water.  All around Victoria is incredible kayaking and this group knows how to take advantage of it.  

The clubhouse provides a place to meet and organize, have presentations, enjoy group dinners, warm up with a hot drink in the winter or cool off with a cold one in the summer, keep a reference library, store kayaks and of course, access the water.

There are club kayaks available in Cadboro Bay and at the 0utstation in Long Harbor.


Racing sailboats is a large part of the yacht club.  For those who want to take advantage of Victoria's location, there is no better sport.  In a small dinghy or a large keelboat; racing your own boat or a club boat; being the captain or a member of the crew; it's all fun all year.

When - In addition to regular regattas there is racing on Wednesday evenings during the Spring and Summer and on alternate Sundays during the colder months in the Fall and Winter.

Crewing - If you want to race but don't have a boat or all the required skills, skippers are always looking for crew.  To find out more about crewing click here.

Fleets - There are several one design fleets at the club plus PHRF Divs 1, 2 and 3.  For more information on the fleets click here.