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Royal Victoria Yacht Club Members Use of Club-owned Boats

Goal: To increase members use and enjoyment of club-owned boats.

Boats Available:

  • 420’s and Optimist / Opti Dinghies
  • 15 420’s in total (6 new and 9 older boats).
  • Staff/coaches to assign boats.
  • There will possibly be 1 or 2 new 420’s set aside for Race Team members.
  • 26 Optimist and Opti’s 

Criteria for Use:

  • RVYC membership
  • Successful completion of a LTS course or demonstrated equivalent.
    Demonstrated equivalent includes safely and successfully sailing out to the Mini 12 Buoy and back. Assessed by staff/coach.
  • Expectation that member can self-rescue in the event of a capsize.
  • Expectation that boat is properly de-rigged and put away after sailing.
  • Log Book kept of those sailors able to sign out a Club-owned boat.
  • All sailors must sign in and out each time they use a boat.
  • Upper safe wind velocity to take out a boat is at the staff/coach discretion. General upper wind limit is 15-18 knots.
  • For 420’s, jibs only must be used to come back to dock. Main sails to be taken down at marked piling. Paddles to be supplied and carried in each boat at sign in.
  • Priority for the use of new 420 dinghies will be for members using spinnaker and trapeze.
  • Overall priority of the boats is for scheduled sailing programs. Boats must be returned on time in case there is a instruction program that needs the boat.

Dates Available:

  • Monday – Friday – June 16 until end of August. Hours 0900 - 1800. Boat availability dependent on number of boats being used in LTS courses
  • Saturday – July 1 until end of August. Hours 1200 – 1600
  • Sunday – July 1 until end of August. Hours 1100 – 1600

Staff/Coach Availability:

  • During the week, LTS staff/coaches will be available to sign boats in and out.
  • On Saturday and Sunday, there will be one coach/staff available to sign boats in and out and to do checks out on the water in a RIB as needed.