Harry Marshall Sortsmanship Award (CAL 20)

Donated by Fleet 13 in 1985, this trophy recognizes sportsmanship during the Cal 20 annual regatta (Fleet 13 and/or Nationals when in Victoria) held usually in early June. It recognizes the unique character of Harry Marshall, one of the founders of the Fleet in the mid-1960s and was made by Dave Yardley.

The intent of the trophy is to foster and encourage good sportsmanship in sailing, by recognizing the most commendable act/performance/conduct (of which the selection committee has awareness).

Description: hammered silver plate half model of a Cal 20 with sails, mounted on a wooden plaque. Approx 16" high



1985 TARKWA D. McCay, E. Tomlinson, T. McLeod
1986 WINDRUSH E. Hardy
1988 METAXA L. Sibley; D. Cameron; D. Alfredson
1989 KANTATE J. Stamper
1990 SNOWBIRD A. Eichel; D. Zayetz; D. Cook
1991 SAGA J. Tongunrud
1992 ARF-A-MO M. Marshall
1993 MAGICAL C. Jackson
1994 SAGA J. Tongunrud
1995 MAGICAL C. Jackson
1996 L'ACADIE A Campbell; M. Funk
1997 SEA FEVER B. Marshall
1998 EDELWEISS W. Hill
1999 C-URCHIN N. Counter
2000 CALLALOO Stephanie Samila and
  POPSICLE Debbie Samila
2001 DANDELION Dave Cook
2002 DANDELION Chris Reiter
2003 EDELWEISS Wade Hill
2004 MAGICAL Kerry Brann
2005 ESCAPE FROM LA Tim Morris and Susan Coulson
2006 LA GALATEA Peter Coy
2007 GEM Dana Dahlquist
2008 DISCOVERY ISLE Dennis Woodward
2009 TRABOUDOUR Angela Long
2010 MISS TICKLE Ken Trudgeon
2011 LA GALATEA Peter Coy
2012 BLUEBIRD David Bleakney
2013 WILLIE TIPPIT John Thompson, Debbie Yeend


The citations of the annual winners are highlighted below:

1985 The crew of Tarkwa - Eric Tomlinson, Don McCay Ted McLeod

Citation: That, when their starboard tack boat was T-boned by a port tack boat, between races with considerable shroud damage, they did keep their cries of outrage at a civilized level, powered into Oak Bay, effected high speed repairs and, though missing one race, did return to race the final race of the day.

1986 Elizabeth Hardy of Windrush

Citation: That, she did bring over her own boat from Vancouver and though finishing well down in the standings, did display a great attitude throughout. Further, that she was a prime mover in getting Cal 20 Fleet 38 (Vancouver) registered this year with the Cal 20 Association and is the Fleet's first Captain.

1987 Peter Coy of Kittywake

Citation: That, when he was demasted in rough weather on Sunday, he did return to the dock, cleaned up the damage and converted his mastless craft to a power boat and motored out in rough weather to cheer on the boats still racing in the last race of the day

1988 The Crew of Metaxa - Linda Sibley (skipper), Dougal Cameron & Dave Alfredson

Citation: That, though this was the first time the skipper had helmed in a race, the first time the crew had raced together, and that this was the only charter boat in the regatta, they did sail it well, despite their 720's! Further, that they were decorative and/or powerful in all the social activities

1989 Janet Stamper of Kantate

Citation: That, as Captain of Fleet 38, she did use her own Crown 34 sailboat to escort her own and other Cal 20s from Vancouver to Victoria. That she did represent her Fleet with great credit and exemplified "good sportsmanship" on the course. Also, that she did willingly loan her Crown 34 to be Committee Boat when the official RVicYC boat broke down.

1990 The crew of Snowbird - Aubrey Eichel (skipper)and Diana Zoyetz

Citation: That, as first time regatta entrants, they did compete with zeal and enthusiasm in every race and that, standings notwithstanding, their obvious enjoyment at being part of the proceedings was noticed by many

1991 Maureen Marshall crew member of Arf A Mo

Citation: That, she did turn out as the only crew member on a wild and wet Sunday and did render skilled, sometimes vocal, sailing assistance to her husband and skipper Tony (well done indeed to the nut on the tiller) and did thereby gain sundry bruises from the boat and much respect from the rest of us.

1992 John Torgunrud of Saga

Citation: That, by quiet and skillful persistence, he has steadily moved up in the standings so that this his tenth year, and bringing his own boat from Vancouver he came within a whisker of being first overall. A sportsman at all times

1993 Colin Jackson of Magical

Citation: That, with a beautifully painted, but less than race-ready boat and with a green crew he did compete enthusiastically and with improved results as the event went along. We'll probably hear more of him.

1994 John Torgunrud of Saga

Citation: That he did so well in the regatta that a group of competitors gave John a fully-clothed victory bath in the Pacific Ocean--only to find that he was one quarter point short of the Champion’s title. He withstood the disappointment of narrow defeat and the indignity of an unnecessary bath with style and forbearance.

1995 Colin Jackson of Magical

Citation: That he did assist in towing his arch-rival’s boat (viz. Chris Janeway’s Calamity) from Vancouver, when “calamity” suffered hull damage in collision with a navigation buoy. That he did spend many hours on Friday night making fibreglass (neglecting his own boat) to get Calamity ready for Saturday racing--all this so that the said arch-rival could get second place in the regatta while Colin had to settle for third spot (see 1993 citation).

1996 Alastair Campbell and Mark Funk of L’Acadie

Citation: That they did salvage this boat from a dump shortly before the regatta, and at the time the hull was loaded with garbage. They cleaned it up, borrowed old sails, sailed the boat 30 miles from Brentwood Bay, and entered the regatta. This was their first race experience as a team and though they were outclassed they were deemed worthy winners of this trophy just by taking part.

1997 Marke Messmer of Sea Fever

Citation: That he had purchased the boat, his first, just before the regatta and with no racing experience did enter and take part until his leeward spreader collapsed, fortunately without mast damage. He then made emergency dockside repairs, with much assistance from friendly competitors, which allowed him to start the next race and go on to complete the regatta.

1998 Wade Hill of Edelweiss

Citation: That he did bring his boat from San Juan Island (USA) and sailed extremely well. So well in fact that he came very close to winning the whole event, but lost his rudder (locking pin was missing from the pintle) during a critical manoeuvre which might have given him top spot. No moaning or complaining, at least not audibly, and he renewed his Fleet 13 membership before leaving the regatta.

1999: Neil Counter of C Urchin

Citation: That he did foul his rudder on the anchor line of the turning mark in very rough weather on the first day. The real possibility that his rudder might be torn off, in conjunction with a damaged boom, led him to cut the anchor line to save his boat. This set the mark adrift and nullified the race. Though to us this was an acceptable safety response, he felt that he had prejudiced his competition and withdrew from the regatta to signify his regret. His action in doing so was excessive, but sincerely motivated, and the epitome of good sportsmanship.

2000: Stephanie Samila of Calalloo and Debbie Samila of Popsicle

Citation: That they did leave Vancouver before dawn in two Cal 20s on Friday June 2nd and arrive at Victoria after dark on the same day, having traveled 50 miles in 14 hours without an escort boat and sharing one outboard motor between the two boats. They then acquitted themselves well during the regatta on the 3rd and 4th of June and, altogether, the father and two daughters gave an admirable display of endurance and sportsmanship

2001 Dave Cook in Dandelion

Citation:- That he did show great participation and enthusiasm himself as well as encouraging others in the Victoria Sailing Foundation to participate in the regatta with great determination, skill and sportsmanship.

2002 Chris Reiter on Dandelion

Citation:- That he did take on the project of repairing the boat Dandelion after the boat had sustained a disabling collision on the Wednesday prior to the Regatta. Chris worked all the next day to make the boat race worthy again and thus was able to compete in the Regatta on Dandelion as crew. By overcoming the setbacks experienced in the Wednesday race Chris was an example to us all of sportsmanship and determination.

2003 Wade Hill on Edelweiss

Citation:- He did, once again, show by example how interest in Fleet 13 activities on San Juan Island can be fostered here in Victoria and in Vancouve.r

2004 Kerry Brann on Magical

Citation :- He and his crew did sail none stop from Vancouver to participate in the Regatta and in spite of considerable fatigue was able to offer a challenge to at least half of those other boats participating.

2005 Tim Morris and Susan Coulson on Escape from LA

Citation :- They trailered their boat from Portland, Oregon and participated the fleet 13 Regatta and the Swiftsure Classics Race.

2006 Peter Coy

Citation :- He demonstrated leadership, tact and enthusiasm in keeping people on track in organizing the events around the 40th anniversary celebrations of Fleet 13.

2007 Dana Dalhquist

Citation:- Although he did not have a crew he sailed around the course sometimes with his young daughter enjoying the occasion .

2008 Dennis Woodward

Citation:- For at least ten years he has chaired the Race Committee of our annual Cal 20 Regatta making each event a very memorable occasion

2009 Angela Long

Citation :- Angela and her crew as juniors did participate in the Regatta in the club owned Cal 20 Troubadour and showed there determination and expertise in racing in a boat which was relatively new to them

2010 Ken Trudgeon

Citation:- Did travel from Calgary to participate

2011 Peter Coy

Citation:- Did organize most of the Regatta and dinner to make them a great success

2012 David Bleakney

Citation:- David, in the knowledge that the future of Cal 20 sailing rests with growing the interest of Cal 20 sailing among young people, did on the first day have Tristan Stamper aged 7 as his fourth crew member and on the second day Abby Stamper aged 10 as fourth crew member.

2013 Jon Thompson, Debbie Yeend

Citation: Awarded to Jon and Debbie in recognition of their efforts in bringing their Cal 20 all the way from Tacoma Washington and back home. They also dealt with a broken engine-well cover in the middle of a race, back at the dock, in time for the next race. This lost race became their throw-out allowing them to be the regatta winner by just one point.

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