Captain Stan Howell spent his adult life in ships and boats with service in the Royal Navy, Merchant Marine and Royal Canadian Navy. He was a member of yacht clubs on both the east and west coasts of Canada. His duties ranged from Atlantic convoys in wartime to Queen’s Harbour Master in Esquimalt, in peacetime. His pleasures included the whole range of sailing activities. During half a century, since its presentation to Lt. Howell in 1937, his pewter tankard -the basis of this trophy - hung in many ships’ wardrooms and not a few yacht clubs, and was well used. Stan sailed on "Sea Fever", with skipper George Lewis, until ill-health forced him ashore when he was well over 80 years old.

This trophy is in his memory and is awarded annually to the first Fleet 13 skipper in the Cal 20 Canadian Championship Regatta.

Description: Memorial Trophy: pewter beer mug mounted on a wooden base. Inscription on the mug reads "Lieut. S.W. Howell, RNR, 1937, RMS Alaunia."



1987 Osiris J. Whipple
1988 Strait Shooter K. & D. Yardley
1989 Strait Shooter K. & D. Yardley
1990 Happy Clam D. Boyd
1991 Blue Bird G. Broome
1992 Kelsib T. Lowdon
1993 Arf-A-Mo T. Marshall
1994 Blue Bird G. Broome
1995 Kelsib T. Lowdon
1996 Kelsib T. Lowdon
1997 20/20 W. Hill
1998 Strait Shooter Sharp; Denton
1999 Edelweiss W. Hill
2000 Cookie Monster R. Ingalls
2001 Kelsib Tom Lowdon
2002 Belwether Ron Collins
2003 Alga-Y Peter Vivian
2004 Whimsical Peter Vivian
2005 Vela Jim Allen
2006 Tack Dancer Fred Poustie
2007 Hysterical Fred Poustie
2008 Kelsib Tom Lowdon
2009 Not awarded No one in Fleet13 participated
2010 Final Merry Trevor Hayward
2011 Kelsib Tom Lowdon
2012 Not Awarded  
2013 Kelsib Tom Lowdon


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