CAL 20 Nationals Hazelton Trophy (1997)

Donated jointly by Fleets 13 and 38 in 1997. Awarded to the overall winner of the Canadian Nationals Regatta. This replaces the Max Young Trophy, which is now reserved for the Victoria Fleet 13 Championship which is combined with the Canadian National Championships when they are in Victoria on alternate years .2013

Description: Hazelton sculpture of a sailboat mounted on a green glass base which in turn is mounted on a sharp elongated triangular wooden base. It is owned jointly by Fleet 13 and 38

Value: $400 (half from each fleet


1997 Calamity C. Janeway
1998 Magical Colin Jackson and Beni Bennett
1999 Radical Jason Browning and Deanna Fong
2000 Magical C. Jackson, Chris Nicol and Beni Bennett
2001 Radical Jason Browning and Deanna Fong
2002 Radical Jason Browning and Deanna Fong
2003 Alga-y Peter Vivian, Allen Vivian and Fred Poustie
2004 Radical Jason Browning and Deanna Fong
2005 T-Rex Colin Jackson and Chris Janeway
2006 Tack Dancer Fred Poustie and Maarten Prinsze
2007 Tyranical Colin Jackson and Chris Nicol
2008 Kelsib Tom Lowdon and Steve Lowdon
2009 Magical Kerry Brann
2010 Final Merry Trevor Hayward
2011 Kelsib Tom Lowdon
2012 Willie Tippit Jon Thompson
2013 Willie Tippit Jon Thompson


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