Originally won outright by Rick McBride and Phil Leitch (then out of Kitsilano YC) for first place at the August 1976 US Flying Dutchman National Championships, held at the San Diego Naval Sailing Club, They donated the trophy to RVicYC in 1981 and it was assigned to overall winner in the Cal 20 Division RTB winter series keelboat racing .

Description: modern 8" cup with sailboat on lid, mounted on a marble and wood base

Value: (1991): $75


1981 MANITOU K. Wilson
1982 MANITOU K. Wilson
1983 SUNBEAM P. Harrison
1984 LA GALATEA T. Hawker
1985 LA GALATEA T. Hawker
1986 STRAIT SHOOTER K. and D. Yardley
1987 STRAIT SHOOTER K. and D. Yardley
1988 WINDLESS M. Brewis
1989 WINDLESS M. Brewis
1990 KELSIB T. Lowdon
1991 KELSIB T. Lowdon
1992 KELSIB T. Lowdon
1993 STRAIT SHOOTER R. Stubbe and K. Denton
1994 KELSIB T. Lowdon
1995 KELSIB T. Lowdon
1996 KELSIB T. Lowdon
1997 not awarded  
1998 BLUEBIRD B. Marshall
1999 KELSIB T. Lowdon
2000 STRAIT SHOOTER Sharp and Denton
2001 CLIO Maarten Prinzse
2002 KElSIB Tom Lowdon
2003 KELSIB Tom Lowdon
2005 STRAIT SHOOTER Sharp and Denton


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