Provided in October 1967 by Mr. George and Mrs. Pat Dufour for the Cal 20 RTB Winter Series. It appears that this never became a trophy that was put into competition as it was the wish of the family that it be used for display on the Yacht Club walls rather than as an award for competitive sailing.

Description: wood carving of Cal 20s racing; approx 24"x26"

Value: (1991) $450

1981 Manitou K. Wilson
1982 Manitou K. Wilson
1983 Sunbeam P. Harrison
1984 La Galatea T. Hawker
1985 La Galatea T. Hawker
1986 Strait Shooter K and D Yardley
1987 Strait Shooter K and D Yardley
1988 Windless M. Brewis
1989 Windless M. Brewis
1990 Kelsib T. Lowdon
1991 Kelsib T. Lowdon
1992 Kelsib T. Lowdon
1993 Strait Shooter R. Stibbe & K. Denton
1994 Kelsib T. Lowdon
1995 Kelsib T. Lowdon
1996 Kelsib T. Lowdon
1997 Not awarded  
1998 Bluebird B. Marshall
1999 Kelsib T. Lowdon
2000 Strait Shooter Sharp & Denton
2001 Clio Maarten Prinze
2002 Kelsib Tom Lowdon
2003 Kelsib Tom Lowdon
2004 Not Awarded  
2005 Strait Shooter Sharp & Denton
2006 Kelsib Tom Lowdon
2007 Tack Dancer Fred Proustie
2008 Kelsib Tom Lowdon
2009 Artemis Scott Roberts
2010 Kelsib Tom Lowdon
2011 Kelsib Tom Lowdon
2012 Bluebird David Bleakney
2013 Kelsib Tom Lowdon


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