This trophy dates from 1931 but the donor is not known. For most of its existence, it was used for a series of races around Discovery and Chatham Islands, at first in the International 14' dinghies (1931-1945) and then in Snipes (1950-1951). See companion trophies such as Barnes Cup (Snipes) and Discovery Island Cup (Stars).

Re-dedicated in 1966 to the Cal 20s, the trophy continued to be used for the summer 'round Discovery Saturday series until the event faded about 1991 (see 1962 Discovery Island Perpetual Challenge Trophy - #8 - for handicap fleet). For 1992-94, the trophy was awarded among the Cal 20s for meritorious and Corinthian sailing in the winter RTB series. In 1999, reallocated for the Cal 20 Champion of Champions regatta/race.

Description: 10" high two-handled cup mounted on a round black wooden base


1931 Guillemot Robin Porter
1932 Tern Humphrey Golby
1933 Margaret Margaret Lindsay
1934 Kismet Herbert Gann
1935 Tern Gordon Campbell
1936 Tern Humphrey Golby
1937 Pancho H.J. Barnes
1938 Kismet Herbert Gann
1939 Pancho H.J. Barnes
1940 Penguin E.P. Ashe
1941 tie Onaway Roger Anstey
  Kismet H. Gann
1942 not competed for  
1943 Kismet H. Gann
1944 Kismet H.Gann
1945 Penguin W.Tellier
1946 Giullemot K. Gibbard
1947-49 not competed for  
1950 Daf J.C.Reed (RCNSA)
1951 Promise L. Gillard (RCNSA)
1952-65 not competed for  
Around Discovery Island Series
1966 Selene N. Marcus
1967 Massilia E. Readshaw
1968 Selene N. Marcus
1969 Windless M. Fraser
1970 Windless M. Fraser
1971 Tongariro R. Barber
1972 Pegasus D. North
1973 Massilia D. Readshaw
1974 Tongariro J. Robinson
1975 Sunbeam T. Marshall/B. Waddingham
1976 La Galatea C. Miles
1977 Semiramis E. Life
1978 Semiramis E. Life
1979 Pegasus C. Biden
1980 La Galatea T. Hawker
1981 Kittiwake P. Coy
1982 Not awarded  
1983 Kittiwake P. Coy
1984 La Galatea T. Hawker
1985 Windless M. Brewis
1986 Strait Shooter K. & D. Yardley
1987 Strait Shooter K. & D. Yardley
1988 Not awarded  
1989 Kelsib T. Lowdon
1990 Kelsib T. Lowdon
1991 Kelsib T. Lowdon
1992 Hikar A. Watkins
1993 Sea Feaver R. Close
1994-1998 not awarded  
Champion of Cal 20 Champions
1999   Rick. McBride
2000   Dave. Yardley
2001   Kathy Yardley
2002 to 2009 No competition

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