CAL 20 Spinnaker Trophy (aka Silver Beer Can)

Owned by Fleet 13, awarded to the winner of the annual spinnaker race for Cal 20's. Don North picked up the beer can near the Royal Yacht Britannia when the ship was moored in Victoria Harbour for a Royal visit and the can was subsequently silvered. In 2008 ownership was passed to RVYC.

Description: spray painted beer can mounted on a wooden base

Value: Priceless



1971 Pegasus D. North
1972 Red Baron J. Hall
1973 Miranda T. Rose
1974 tie Tongariro B. Robinson
  Sunbeam J.A. Marshall
1975 Semiramis E. Life
1976 Sea Fever G. Lewis
1977 Pegasus P. & C. Biden
1978 Semiramis E. Life
1979 La Galatea T. Hawker
1980 La Galatea T. Hawker
1981 Balandra C. Palmer
1982 Windless M. Brewis
1983 La Galatea T. Hawker
1984 Sunbeam P. Harrison
1985 Strait Shooter D. Yardley
1986 Tansy 2 D. Lyon
1987 Strait Shooter D. & K. Yardley
1988 Strait Shooter D. & K. Yardley
1989 Windless M. Brewis
1990 Strait Shooter D. & K. Yardley
1991 Bluebird G. Broome
1992 Kelsib T. Lowdon
1993 Kelsib T. Lowdon
1994-95 not awarded  
1996 Kelsib T. Lowdon
1997 Bluebird B Marshall
1998 Kelsib T. Lowdon
1999 Strait Shooter M. Sharp & K. Denton
2000 Kelsib T. Lowdon
2001 Kelsib T. Lowdon
2002 Bluebird B Marshall
2003 Kelsib Tom Lowdon
2004 Kelsib Tom Lowdon
2005 Kelsib Tom Lowdon
2006 Kelsib Tom. Lowdon
2007 Bluebird David Bleakney
2008 Bluebird David Bleakney
2009 Bluebird David Bleakney
2010 Final Merry Trevor Hayward
2011 Alga-Y Peter Vivian
2012 Kelsib Tom Lowdon

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